Friday, July 26, 2013

July 25, 2013

Hola familia y amigos,
I can not belive that it has already been over two weeks. Seriously the days are pretty long but looking back, they go so quickly.
It doesnt feel like a lot has happened, but we do alot. We wake up at 6:30 and eat breakfast at 7 (consisting of pancakes or corndogs, or tomalies), personal study and comp study, then 3 hours of classes and teaching, lunch, TALL, extra study time and language study, gym, planning, dinner, then we teach our investigators and have class until 9:30 and finally go back to the casa for bed by 10:30... I love having so much to do! However, there are a few hours in the day, after lunch that are very difficult for me to focus... and I feel like P day couldnt come fast enough.
A bitter sweet moment this week when our roommates Hermana Martinez y Hermana Sosa left the CCM. I was so sad to see them go but so excited for them to get to the field. They are both from central Mexico and one is in the north part by the boader and the other is in the very south part... they are the nicest girls I know and I cant wait to see all the good they bring into the world. It is crazy that their will be 3 sets of latinos in and out by the time we get to leave the CCM but I am glad I have 6 weeks here, becasue I need all the time that I can get.
The language is coming... slowly, but its coming. I get very frustrated sometimes becuase it is so difficult to express my feelings. Often I think that it would have been much easier to be called on an english speaking mission, but I know that I have been called by a prophet of God to preach His gospel, and everyone deserves to receive the oportunity in their own language. I have to remind myself that I am not here to learn spanish, I am here to learn the gospel and invite others to the gospel... in spanish. And I know that when I am willing to put in the effort God will bless me.
On that note... durring one of our lessons this week with Karim, we were teaching him about the restoration and the first vision and I accidentally called Joseph Smith a women. But I learned my lesson and hopefully I wont ever make that mistake again.
The CCM is an amazing place becuase everyone here knows their purpose and we all feel part of something important. We get to watch an provo MTC devotional every tuesday and this week Elder Holland spoke. I LOVE Elder Holland for more than one reason; he knows exactly what I need to hear and exactly how to say it. This talk was a little different because he spoke about the high expecations that the church and the first presidency has for every missionary. He was very serious about the high reputation and tradition missionaries have worked for years to attain and that It is not our place to devote anything but our best to maintain this reputation. He said "Dont you DARE come home without a changed soul... Dont you ever say `im glad thats over` You are not ever, ever, ever again to go back to what you were before!! ever. You have to be growing, striving, pushing and developing, and going to the edge everyday of you mission, It should change every thought, decision, and desire that you have. We have a right to expect one convert... you. Dont miss your chance to spend every waking hour to devote to building the kindgom of God."
So everytime I become frustrated, or too tired to complete another assignment I just think of Elder Hollands voice, "Dont you dare..." I am trying to be grateful for the opportunity I have to be here.
2 Nephi 25:23 has really helped me this week... I know that it is by the grace of God, after all we can do, if we try our very hardest, God will make up the rest.
Thanks for your prayers, I love you all!!!
Love Hermana Johnson

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  1. Hola Hermana Johnson!
    This is Mrs. G. (6th grade teacher from Oakridge Elementary) and just wanted to let you know how happy I am that you are serving a mission. It hardly seems possible time could pass at such a fast pace, yet all I have to do is look at my boy and my gray hairs to know that it is true. I felt grateful to read your letters. You too were inspired to include what you wrote as I needed a minor attitude adjustment. "Don't you dare"... "and after ALL I can do..." I will pray for you.
    One of my fav scriptures is "Isaiah 55:8-9"

    Becka Groendyke