Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 12, 2014

Espero que todos tuvieron un bonito día de madre!
It was so much fun to see you all yesterday!! I love you more than you
know and I love being a missionary. I just feel so privileged and
blessed beyond belief.
Well Aurora is great. We had a bit of a rough week (numbers wise) but
it's nothing that a little harder work and a little more faith can't
fix. Unfortunately I have found myself in the all-too-often position
of being comfortable and feeling like we aren't getting anywhere. I
hated to admit it to myself that I was getting lazy in my thinking and
my work. Worse than a self-realized call to repentance is the
accompanying feeling that amongst the lessons we taught and the people
we met there could have been missed opportunities. But God is so
merciful. For reasons I will never understand, he continues to bless
and forgive us. No matter he just forgets the past and tells us to
move forward. We saw so many miracles this week.
For example: Jessica is a member referral that we were able to serve
last week. We cleaned out her house and scheduled a return
appointment. She has been separated from her husband for a few months
however for some reason the morning we came for our lesson, he showed
up (unannounced and unknowing of our appointment.) As we taught the
lesson we came to find that the husband has a mother who is a member
in Mexico. He has never learned anything about the church and Jessica,
from the moment we prayed, knew that it was true. Although there is a
little more to the story than that, the highlight was the husband that
said "I just wanted to say thank you for coming. I didn't know why I
felt like I should come today, but this was the most beautiful thing I
have ever heard. I am sitting her with my family which is a miracle in
and of itself and we are feeling something that we have never felt
before" (don't direct quote me on that, was in Spanish. But from what
I remember it was something along those lines.) it is just amazing how
the spirit works in peoples hearts, and Heavenly Father leads us to
them in the exact time they need it.
The ward is great, we have began seeking inspiration to pair families
and investigators. We have a note with their information and daily
ways for the member help the progress of the investigator. It's our
way of sharing the responsibility with the members for the progress of
the investigators so when they do get baptized they will have that
solid friend and help, so they don't just get baptized and lost under
the rug. We are praying for its success and following up with members
Hermana Sewell is great, she is helping to push me and I am learning a
lot from her. Thanks for all you do. I hope everyone had a great
Mother's Day and did something extra special for their mothers. I love
you all and pray for you every night. Thanks for your examples and
Con mucho amor!!!
Hermana Johnson

May 5, 2014

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
Well It’s a beautiful day here!! The sun is shining, the apartment is clean and the work of the Lord is moving forward.  
I am being spoiled out here in Aurora with Hermana Sewell, she is great and pretty
focused. We are trying to work hard and seeing a lot of tender mercies. For
example, last night we had a lesson with the mom of our recent convert. Before,
she wanted nothing to do with us and wouldn’t even open the door, but now we
are becoming quite good friends. And even though she has no interest in "becoming
Mormon" we were able to clear up a lot of her misunderstandings and
misconceptions. She has agreed to start reading the Book of Mormon. And you
know as well as I do that that book has power to change hearts! So we will keep
her in our prayers and hope (and work) for the best.
We are still having problems with Arturo’s dad. The boys were supposed to be
baptized last Saturday, the dad gave permission however, when it came time
to sign the paper, his mind changed. We fasted for their family this weekend
and have a lesson with them and Bishop this Thursday. With any luck we can set
another date. It is difficult to know how to react in this situation because we
don’t want to cause any more contention in the family, after all, salvation is
a family affair. But maybe as the boys continue in the gospel they can set that
example for their father and his heart will change a little as well. 

We are working with a lady named Alejandra. She is amazing! We met her son one
day outside her house, he told us that they have had a lot of
different missionaries over and the mom likes to go to different churches and
stuff. So we stopped by one day and got to teach her the first
lesson. She is what you would call and earnest seeker of truth who has
just been confused by the craftiness of men...I hate how many churches there
are because people think that they are all the same. That it doesn’t
matter what religion you are as long as you’re a good person. And
although that is true to an extent, there is a lot more to it than that.
And we don’t have to live in confusion, because God has one true church!
And anyone can know if they would just put in the time and sacrifice
a little of what God has given us, to ask him. I have never been as certain
as I am now, that God has one true church! That God has restored His
gospel to the earth and that pray and personal revelation through reading
the Book of Mormon is the only way to find out. I find it very
interesting that people can find hours to search the internet and read thousands
of things written about Mormons but can’t find the time to
actually read from the Book of Mormon. Anyway.... sorry about that rant. Alejandra
knows that it is true. We had her at a family home evening the other night and
is coming to another family tonight. Whenever we teach her, the spirit is so
strong, and God just helps us to know exactly what to say to answer her
questions and resolve her doubts. The promise is true: "Therefore, verily
I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I
shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it
shall be given you in the very moment, what ye shall say." (D&C 100:5-6)
I found a really great quote from Elder Maxwell, "Our
merciful and long-suffering Lord is ever ready to help. His 'arm is lengthened
out all the day long' (2 Ne 28:32), and even if His arm goes ungrasped, it was
unarguably there! In the same redemptive reaching out, our desiring to improve
our human relationships usually require some long-suffering. Sometimes reaching
out is like trying to pat a porcupine. Even so, the accumulated quill marks are
evidence that our hands of fellowship have been stretched out, too!" As we
strive to bring people closer to Christ and help them receive the blessings of
the restored gospel, many times we feel as those we are trying to pat a
porcupine. But I know that Christ would always do the same, no matter how many
times they rejected Him. He is always waiting for them to soften their hearts
and return home. I have a testimony of the redeeming power of the atonement and
the infinite love of my Heavenly Father. And thank goodness that we have the
gospel to be our anchor and guide so we don’t all end up as porcupines...
Happy almost mother’s day! It works best to skype next Sunday
around 4:00pm my time... (So that’s like 2:00 your time?) Would that work for
you? Because we will be at the church and it’s the only place we have wi-fi.
Hopefully that sounds good. Hopefully you can send me a confirmation or algo
before 6:00
Thanks for all that you do, I love you lots! Have a great day!!
Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Johnson

April 28, 2014

Hola familia!! Como han estado?
The weather is crazy but the work is great. We had a bit of a rough
week, there are few things worse than the moment you walk up to an
investigators door and see a newly-writen sign that says "somos
Catholicos, no podemos tenerles nada mas." We continue to feel blessed
but it is really hard to see so many people fall into temptation and
don't want to accept the message, even when they have felt that it's
true. We got dropped by many people that we have come to love, but I'm
realizing that Gods time should be spent elsewhere... because they
don't keep commitments. Knowing exactly what we should do in
situations like that is the quest of a lifetime and struggle quite
often with it. The worth of a soul is great, which makes it even
harder to let them go.
But on a more positive note, we are receiving many miracles. We set a
baptism date for the two villagomez boys and our progressing
investigator is coming to an FHE with her children tonight, so Hermana
Sewell and I are looking forward to another great transfer together in
I'm finishing elder Ballards book "Our search for happiness". There
are some really great quotes that ring so true in my life.
In the gospel we find that "there is no pressure on me to compete with
anyone for worldly acclaim and accomplishment." "...considered from
the unique perspective of eternity, fame and popularity are not nearly
as important as loving and being loved; status doesn't mean as much
when compared to service; and acquiring spiritual knowledge is
infinitely more meaningful than acquiring an access of wealth." "It is
that perspective and the attendant spiritual and emotional tranquility
that are among the positive fruits of knowing - really knowing and
living the gospel of Jesus Christ."
I'm so thankful for the gospel, it guides every decision and
underscores every relationship in this life. I love this gospel and I
just feel so very privileged to be born into it and to have a
testimony of it. I love you all!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!
Love you lots and keep up the good work!
Love Hermana Johnson

April 21, 2014

Well being a missionary is just about the greatest blessing anyone
could receive. You think you are giving a lot just to turn around and
receive more blessings. I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for
giving me the opportunity to teach and testify of the atonement and
resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ. These are the two greatest
blessings in this life. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can
be forgiven and do better tomorrow with no fault and through the
resurrection we know that Christ lives. I love that just about
everyday I get to tell people this. At the same time, it's pretty hard
to testify and see people reject it. It's hard, but its great because
I get a hint of what our Savior feels.
I am so thankful for my testimony of these things and the opportunity
I have to share it with others. The other day someone asked if we
could really know Jesus Christ or what church was his church. I was
proud to say that I am coming to know my savior. Yes it is a lifetime
pursuit, but with everyday that we are faithful and serve others we
come closer to Him and knowing Him. After all he is our brother.

I know that through the resurrection of our Jesus Christ we can live
with our families again in his presence. Through saving ordinances
done through the priesthood authority of God proved perfect
understanding of that we are saved by the grace of God... After all we
can do!
Thanks for all your support and letters!! I love you all! I thankful
for your examples and your love. Have a wonderful week! And don't
forget to do your quarterly missionary invite :)

Con mucho amor!! Hermana Johnson

April 14, 2014

Yep that's right, nieve en abril!! Not sure who said that was alright
but we are watching the snow flurry as we write in the Batavia
library. Well it has been an amazing week with some very memorable
experiences. Like on Friday, we had mission council where we
commemorated the first vision of Joseph Smith and the restoration of
the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a really amazing experience. Every
missionary was there, so it was fun to see all my old companions and
districts. Not sure how we got so lucky, the weather has been crazy
lately, but it was perfect!! So bright and sunny and everyone
(including president Fenn) got a little sunburnt. W all brought our
lawn chairs in the middle of the park, surrounded by trees helped us
to better envision a little what Joseph Smith felt. President Fenn
spoke for about 1:30, giving an account of the first vision. He is
such a powerful speaker!! And between his word and about 200
missionaries that had just finished reading the Book of Mormon, the
spirit was very strong. I'm sure we were a sight, but it was
incredible to be a part of it. After president Fenn spoke he left
about 1 hour to share our testimonies about the prophet Joseph Smith.
I can honestly say that my testimony of the Book of Mormon is stronger
than ever and I would do anything to defend the prophet Joseph smith.
His life is a testimony to me of the divinity and reality of the
restoration of the true gospel of Jesus Christ and I love that I get
to teach and testify of this every day. There is nothing I would
rather be doing (not even to be on a cruise), because everyday we meet
so many amazing people that have experiences so much. And as hard as
it is when we get rejected, those few people that are humble seekers
of truth, make everything worth it. I love being a missionary.
Well Hermana Sewell is just about the funnies person I know. She is
always so happy and laughs a lot. Everyone tells her that she looks
like Lilo from the movie lilo and stitch. I think it's just because
that is their only association with Hawaii, but it's funny. We make
smoothies for breakfast every morning and have a couple meals with
members throughout the week. The food is as good as every, you would
think that I would be tired of it by now... But nope!! I love it all!
Thanks so much for the package!!!! I am so blessed to have you all
watching out for me!! I love you all so much!! I hope your not all too
sunburnt and don't have too hard of a time getting back into real
life. Tell Alex congratulations!! That is so cool!, I'm so proud of
him and all his hard work, he is a great influence on a lot of people.
I'm so lucky to call you all family!!! Thanks for all you do!! Love
you all! Have a great week!!

Love Hermana Johnson

April 7, 2014

Hola Familia!! Espero que todo estebien con ustedes!! Hemos visto muchos milagros esta semana!!
It has been another great week, God has been blessing us so much. I have had a lot of testimony building experiences this week. We taught a recent convert lesson to a couple this week. As we planned for their lesson, we prayed to know what we should share. We both felt like staying focused on the Book of Mormon was a good idea and we prayed over one of two chapters to read with them. We started the lesson by explaining that we can gain personal revelation and answers to our questions as we read the Book of Mormon. Each person wrote down a question and we began reading 2 Ne. 31. As we finished the chapter we each went around telling what scripture stood out to us. It was amazing to see how personally every one of our questions had been answered. What was more amazing was that the question that the convert had asked was something that he had been asking for clarity for days. After every miracle and spiritual experience I love looking back and seeing how we have been instruments in the hands of God. As one person I feel like I cant do much in this life; however, every time I feel the holy ghost testify through me, I know God has helped someone in some small way. I love the Book of Mormon so much!! I have such a strong testimony of the divinity of it and of the power and blessings it can bring into our lives.
The area is going great, the ward is continuing to help little by little. We had an amazing member missionary experience where a member set up an appointment for us and helped us commit her friend to taking the missionary discussions. She is not very religious but has agreed and we are excited to start teaching her.
Hermana Sewell is amazing. I feel so fortunate to be working with her. She has such a positive attitude and is always trying to work a little harder and be a little more Christ-like. She is very focused and continues to improve her Spanish. She is a great example to me. We had an interesting experience with a homeless women today that seemed to throw her off-guard a little, it stressed us both out... but even in that moment she felt it most important, above anything else, to act as Christ-like as she could!
Conference was amazing, Elder Christofferson's talk about Christ and the resurrection was truly inspiring. I hope one day to know my Savior as well and personally as the apostles of God know Him. You can feel it in their testimonies. "Many believe in a literal resurrection, some doubt and disbelieve, but some know." And every time they bear their powerful, apostolic witness that He lives, my testimony is strengthened. I firmly believe as we serve our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus we come to know them a little better. I continue to see this each day as I serve Him. Mosiah 5:12-13 "For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?" I hope to always keep my Savior close the thoughts and intents of my heart so one day, when we stand in His presence, I will know him.
Thanks for all you do, I love you all so much!! Hope you had a great conference weekend! Sadly I didnt have Creme Brûlée French toast but Obispo fed us conference tocos :)  
Con mucho Amor!
Hermana Johnson

March 31, 2014

Hola familia!
One of the best parts of the mission is learning to recognize and receive little miracles every day. We have received so many of these this week, it is hard to keep track.
The Ward: We had a really great church block yesterday, Obispo Monarez is really passionate about missionary work and is working very hard to get others excited. Hermana Santos, Elder Cassani, and I spoke in sacrament meeting and then the third hour, Hermana Kleivins, Hermana Sewell, and Obispo Arana spoke. We are really pushing member missionary work. We feel blessed to be in this area at this time. Our ward is really supportive, we are doing all we can to stop spinning our wheels and begin moving forward.
Hermana Sewell and I had a really great experience yesterday with a pair of sisters that have recently returned to activity. Yesterday we shared with them a few spiritual experiences and something hit them. One began speaking about all of her past spiritual missionary experiences and she told us “Our ward has always had programs to baptize more people but we never reach our goal. Something must be wrong… I think it is time that we stop working with you and the missionaries start working with us!” It was really fun to see her come to this realization. By the end of the lesson they were both excited to get this program started that she was making diagrams and writing lists. This morning we woke up to a text with a name, set appointment, and an invitation to join them. Member missionary work at its finest!
The area: Aurora is amazing. We continue to be blessed with families to teach. Although most are set Catholics with no such interest to change, we have been blessed with opportunities to teach them the first lesson. I came to a neat realization the other day: many times I feel, at the end of the day, that we weren’t able to teach many lessons, or see much progress and we wonder if we were following the spirit. But I think that as long as we do our best and are obedient and worthy we have the spirit, and God probably blessed us with a lot of opportunities to invite people, however, because of free agency, others simply did not accept the opportunity. How frustrated God must get when He sees what is best for us but we exercise our agency to choose something of lesser value. Especially when we think we know what is best. I have learned that as much as we think we know, God always knows more.
The companion: Hermana Sewell is amazing! I am so blessed to be working with her, she is always positive and happy. The work is always exciting, and we see a lot of miracles. We are continuing to unify our teaching and work as effectively as possible; thanks for putting us together. I am learning a lot from her.
We had a great experience teaching new investigators this week… we helped Yolanda y Filipe pick a baptism date and they came to church. We started teaching a family from El Salvador… really good food!! Even their hot dogs are better! And we get to help out with young women’s activity this week.
Quote from Hermana Sewell: “This is what a mission does to you… Physically it makes you weak and fat, but spiritually it makes you bold and strong!”
Love you all!! Thanks for all you do, don’t forget to prepare for conference!! It’s going to be epic!! And tell all your friends, because we get to hear from the LIVING PROPHET!! Pretty cool!

Hermana Johnson  

March 24, 2014

Hola Familia!
Como han estado?! Espero que todo este bien y que esten disfrutando el sol y las bonitas montanas alli en Utah! Por que aqui, no hay muchas de estas.
One blessing that I have really seen this week is, ever since Hermana Trimble left, I have seen a huge difference in my Spanish skills. I have noticed that lately I don’t have to think so much about what I am saying and how I want to say it, sometimes it comes out and I surprise myself. Which is a huge difference from the first few months of struggle.
I also feel very blessed because we speak with multiple people a day who have lived in the United States for years who still don’t know much English. I think that would be very difficult...
Well, it is a beautiful day! The sun is out, its still pretty cold but almost all the snow is melted. They are calling for snow tomorrow but we will keep our fingers crossed that it is just a rumor. Hermana Sewel is from Hawaii, she was going to nursing school in Ohio before her mission. She has a really great sense of humor and style so she keeps things very exciting. She has been out for almost 4 months and is an awesome missionary. She really cares a lot about the people and wants to help in any way she can. We have had some pretty memorable times already. Like getting kicked out of the lavendaria and losing the mission gas card… I have a feeling it will be a pretty great transfer together.
Well, we saw a lot of miracles this week. I have always a little frustration when it comes to working with less-actives, but this area has given me so much hope! It just goes to show that everything is in the Lords time and we never ever give up on anyone. For example, one family that started feeding us every week has come back to full activity and even told me “Nuca va a quitar a venir.” (In her cute Dominican republic accent- like music to my ears:) Last week we ate dinner with 2 sisters from El Salvador, they make the best food! Their sister and brother (and families) have been inactive for years and wont let us in the door. I have never even met the sister. The brother was over at the house of Las hermanas Ortiz and we got to teach him about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the spirit was pretty strong. A week went by and as I walked into sacrament meeting I saw him sitting on the back row, white shirt and tie, smiling from ear to ear. I was speechless… my excitement was probably a little too obvious. But that was a moment I will never forget.
Alfredo is doing good… he is having a hard time because his family doesn’t support him and there has been a lot of contention lately. If I have learned anything, its that contention is of the adversary. And it drives the spirit away. But that aside, he is fighting hard, its crazy how much stronger the adversary is when we are on the right path and trying to change. Change is exactly what I wanted to talk about today…
3 Ne 29:3 talks about turning from our wicked ways and coming unto [Christ].
To turn means to move or cause to move wholly or partly around an axis or a point.
To change or cause to change different direction.
To change in nature, state, form, or color; to become.
To start doing or become involved with…
Living the Gospel is exactly that… turning from old habits and changing for the better. I have seen a lot of people that feel the spirit and know that they need to change, but it is scary. For whatever reason- they are stubborn, they are hard hearted, they are bitter, they are lazy, they are scared – they don’t want to change and thus they reason and justify that they are fine exactly where they are. They believe that all God expects is to be a good person and they justify their bad habits. (I think we all do this to an extent… we are all trying and will never be perfect). Mosiah 7:32-33 if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, put your trust in Him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, diliver you out of bondage.
Mosiah 11:21 except they will repent and turn to the lord their God…
Alma 3:14 except they repent and turn to me that I may have mercy upon them.
Alma 39:12-13 ye may turn to the lord with all your mind, might, and strength…
In the gospel of Jesus Christ we turn to the scriptures, turn to pray, turn to our Heavenly Father because we know through His atonement we can be healed.
I have seen so many people struggle and never remember to turn to God. I am thoroughly convinced that we are given trials in life so that we have a reason to turn to our heavenly father. He gives us moments to struggle, hoping that we will humble ourselves and turn to him. I know as we rely on our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, we receive blessings and divine help that we can’t receive anywhere else.
“As we turn to our Heavenly Father and seek His wisdom regarding the things that matter most, we learn over and over again the importance of our relationship with [God]… As we evaluate our own lives with a willing mind, we will see where we have drifted from the more excellent way. The eyes of our understanding will be opened, and we will recognize what needs to be done to purify our heart and refocus our lives… Strength comes not from frantic activity but from being settled on a firm foundation of truth and light. It comes from placing our attention and efforts on the basics of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It comes from paying attention to the divine things that matter most.” – Elder Uchtdorf, Oct. 2010
I know this is true. The man looking down from the top of the staircase is worse of than the man look up from the bottom. The only thing that matters is which direction we are facing. As we act and turn to Christ, our lives are filled with purpose and satisfaction. Life will never be easy, but its a lot easier when we have God on our side. There is nothing better than knowing that we are really doing all we can to work out our salvation.

I love you all so much! I hope your having a great week!!
Thanks for the emails!
Melissa: I love you and your letter was so nice!! I also wanted to tell you that any  tea that comes from the tea plant is against the word of wisdom… I found that out after you asked me and keep meaning to tell you. Something about tandoms and something… so don’t drink it okay :)
Mom: that email made me very very happy. I am so blessed to have parents that care so much about me. I want you to know that I love you a lot and you are never far from my mind. Thanks for always staying strong and sacrificing. Love you lots!

Love Hermana Johnson

March 17, 2014

Well here's the sitch:
Everything is going great. The sun is shining, the birds, are
chirping, the tank is clean... Despite the 4 inches of snow we
received throughout the week, the weather seems to be trying to warm
up. At least the streets don't seem to be as deserted these days.
Nothing like 30 degree weather to bring people out of hibernation.
Well, as we ate dinner with la familia mata Saturday night we received
a alarming call directly from president Fenn. I say alarming because
it's not just everyday you receive a call straight from the head man
himself. We called back to find out that Hermana Trimble has been
called to be an Hermana training leader and I will be staying in
Aurora and getting Hermana Sewell! I've met her a few times, she is
from Hawaii, just got out of training and really cute, so we are both
pretty excited. I feel blessed to have learned so much from Hermana
Trimble. But all good things must come to an end I suppose.
It has been a great week. We had an awesome zone conference on Friday.
President Fenn talked a lot about knowing your enemy. We made a list
of all the things that come from God and those that come from the
adversary. I have found it very helpful to identify the things of the
enemy in order to better understand those characteristics and thoughts
that come from God.

For example:
God gives us thoughts of Peace, light, comfort, faith, understanding,
hope, ennobling, merciful, forgiving, enlightens, motivating, desires
to do good, diligence, hard work, caring, humility, meekness, unity,
calmness, truth, righteous judgement... Vs. feelings of turmoil,
anxiety, confusion, darkness, fear, despair, cuts down, addiction,
criticism, apathy, difference, condemnation, discouragement, laziness,
selfishness, contention, erogance, pride, entitlement, pleasure,
controversy, lies, anger, etc. the list goes on and on.
The point he made is that as we live worth, seek, and follow the
spirit, we will always have the peace and guidance to make the right
decisions. As we learn to identify and control our thoughts, we
provide opportunities to eve ivy revelation and have experiences that
confirm and strengthen our faith. One great blessing from my mission
is knowing that if God calls you to the work, he qualifies you. So
that being said, there is just no room or time to have negative
thoughts... Ever. Because if we waste our time on them, we are only
feeding the natural man and will never reach our full potential.
It's always a work in progress... But it's in progress non the less.
Just a quick update on our investigators: Norma and Carlos are
awesome!!! We had a miracle lesson with them. Hoping to put them on
date for baptism this week. She had a great ah-ha moment this week "I
like that you address god as Heavenly Father, because it's like he's
our dad. And just like I was the best for my kids I think he wants the
best for us too." They are so prepared and just need to get work off
on Sundays. (By the way that is another way satan keeps people from
the truth- work on Sundays is not persuading anyone to serve god). So
there it is. I testify that god loves all of his children, and wants
to give us the truth and to bless us. We just need to ask and be
obedient. Serve god, don't work on Sundays, and enjoy the sun.
Well that's about it for now. Love you all!!! Thanks for all you do.

Love Hermana Johnson

March 10, 2014

Well it has been a pretty eventful week!!
We have met some pretty amazing people, had some pretty great lessons,
and to top it all off, a baptism!
Alfredo was baptized and confirmed a member of the church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints on Saturday/Sunday. Everything went
relatively well; Hermana Trimble is very organized so I think that
helped a bit. Alfredo is a completely different person. As he left he
looked as though a burden had been lifted. His countenance was
different, and he was so happy. It's a little difficult because his
family wouldn't come to his baptism and he is experiencing a
opposition and contention with them but we the members are giving a
lot of support and the elders singles ward are going to begin working
with him.
The area is great, we are seeing a lot of miracles and trying to think
of novel ways to work with the members (We are determined).
Hermana Trimble is great, she doesn't give herself enough credit but
she works so hard and is always thinking of other people. She is a
great example to me and I am learning so much from her.
Some quick miracles: we met Norma at the laundry mat, she invited us
to meet her family the next week. So we stopped by, we were running
late from another appointment, so were going to give a quick lesson.
We walked in the whole family was waiting for us, and excited to
learn. The lesson was very spiritual, Norma kept saying, I know that I
met you for a reason. They want to be an eternal family and committed
to coming to church next week. I love all the amazing people you meet
as a missionary. As we left, we were in a pretty big hurry because we
were late to our next appointment. I noticed a man sitting in his car.
I pushed the thought out to talk to him because we were late and it
would be awkward. Finally I turned around,  ran back and knocked of
his window. He opened the door, I introduced myself. Turns out they
moved him just a few months ago from Mexico and his wife is a member
:) I am learning with every experience how to better trust in the
spirit. I love the feeling of being in the right place at just the
right time.
Earlier on Saturday we went back to a PNIs house. A women answered and
turned us away. However the man,Rudy from the kitchen, told her to let
us in. We came in and taught about the restoration. Half way through
the lesson the wife leans over and says, (to Hermana Trimble) "you
have alight in your eyes. I have never seen that before, it's like I
can see right through them. You just have something so special, a
light in your eyes, I don't know what it is but ice never seen it
before." She couldn't stop bringing it up throughout the lesson, as we
left she said "son tan preciosas" and didn't want us to leave. They
are the cutest couple and we are excited to go back and teach them.
Know I know what the "light of the gospel" means :)
Elder Kevin W. Pearson said "desire, hope, and belief are forms of
faith, but faith, as a principle of power, comes from a consistent
pattern of obedient behaviors and attitudes." Thanks to you, it is
something I know to be true.
Sorry I don't have a lot more to write but I love you all so glad that
I have all your support.
I hope you have a great day!! Thanks for everything you do.
Hermana Johnson