Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hola familia!
Primero quiro dicer "Feliz cumplisnos mama!"
Happy Tuesday! We changed our preparation day to Tuesday because this
morning we got to go to the Chicago temple! Man, this church is
awesome... And so true. Well, it's been a great week... I learned a
couple of very valuable lessons.
First, God is a master planner: we taught a lesson to our investigator
Maria and had brought a member with us. Maria's little 3 year old kept
turning the tv on and disrupting the lesson, our member wasn't too
happy about that. So she decided to take responsibility of the remote
control to counteract the distraction. That was helpful however after
we left the lesson and drove to our next appointment we received a
call from our member who apparently had walked out the door, still in
possession of the remote control - note to members present in lessons:
don't steal. Anyway, we decided to meet Hermana Ortega at the Cermax.
As we walked back to the car I saw a man and asked him if we could
give him a card. El se llama Rafael. And he said yes, and then I just
straight up asked him if we could come and share a message with him
and his family. He said, "ya, how about tomorrow at 12 then my wife
will be there too." They are awesome! Nothing is coincidence these
Second, God tries your faith before the miracle. On Saturday we left
the apartment with high hopes and about 5 set appointments. However,
one by one ever appointment either fell through or was a no show. So
that day was spent knocking a lot of doors and we didn't get into one.
It was rough because after a while you just get a little tired of
people telling your their not interested... I mean this is the most
important thing you will ever hear and your telling me that your too
busy or love the bible. Guess what. The bibles not enough. Anyway, it
was about 7:00 and we were about ready to head back to go find some
dinner. We were in north Aurora so decided that we would just walk to
the closest members house to see if they were home. It was about a 15
min walk. As we walked we saw a women outside her house watering her
flowers. We began talking, her name is Cindy so that was a good
conversation starter. She eventually invited us in, and we taught a
restoration lesson and she is GOLDEN. It was a very powerful lesson,
she is so prepared. Unfortunately we have to transfer her to the
English missionaries. God works miracles according to our faith, but
most of the time he makes us wait after the trial of our faith. That
just makes it that much better.
And third, I have learned that my dream of baptizing a 80+ year old
Hispanic may be a pursuit of a lifetime... They are all just too

Well I hope you all had an amazing week. I can't believe school is
starting again, I remember school getting out for the summer, it flew
Good luck Melissa with your new job, good luck at school Alex! Les
quiero mucho! Espero que puedan tener muchas oportunidades a compartir
el evangelio con sus amigos. Feliz cumplianos mama y estoy emocionada
a ver potos del boda de Julia. Also I know cami is having her baby
soon, krystle and Melinda get married in the next few weeks... If you
get a chance to see any of them tell them hi for me!
Hasta luego!
Hermana Johnson

I was wondering if you could find the current address for Dana
Peterson for me pretty please :) muchas thanks.

August 11, 2014

Hola familia!
Como estan?! Those pictures look awesome! I hope you all had a blast
in California!! It's been extremely hot here the last few days... But
that's no surprise, we are in Illinois. Lots of humidity. It was a bit
of a rough week, but no worries, we are expecting a lot of miracles
this week.
I have had some time to really think about what we need to do
differently. Just like someone mentioned at zone conference, what
worked last week will not work this week, and what worked yesterday
won't work today. We are going back to the basics and trying to figure
out what God wants us to focus on these next couple weeks. I am really
grateful for the 12 week training because it is giving me a chance to
relearn the fundamentals.
The baptism for Hermana Erica (a family that just moved into our ward
the day of their confirmation from West Chester) was a great
experience. I hope they can make some great friends in this ward.
Obispo Monarrez (ward mission leader) is very good at that, he just
took all of our recent convert families on a camping trip. I know one
reason I was sent to this area was to learn from great examples like
him. He is one of the most selfless people and there are many things I
want to do when I am in a member position - lots of member missionary
Hermana Richardson is doing great. She is very creative and outspoken.
She has a little fear talking with others but she has improved a lot.
Reminds me a lot of myself, and look how far I have come :) who would
have thought. Although she is still adjusting to the missionary
schedule, she is usually pretty happy. I know that my Heavenly Father
knows exactly what we need. One thing I love about my mission is
seeing the hand of The Lord involved in each persons life. I love
being a missionary more than anything else in this life. Thanks for
all you do. Have a great week!! I love you all a lot! Con mucho amor!!
La Hermana Johnson

August 4, 2014

Hola Familia! 

Soy Hermana Johnson, somos misioneras de la Iglesia de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias. Y compartimos un mensaje sobre las familias y como usted puede ser una familia eternal.
The 15 seconds a person takes to listen to our doorstep is the most important 15 seconds of their life. Unfortunately, most dont know that, and they mostly think think that we are 1 of 3 things... A Testigo de Jeovah, crazy, or representatives of Jesus Christ.
"Thou art my servant; and I am covenant with thee that thou shalt have eternal life; and thou shalt serve me and go forth in my name, and shalt gather together my sheep. And he that will hear my voice shall be my sheep; and him shall ye receive into the church, and him will I also receive." Mosiah 26:20-21.
There is nothing better than being recognized as a servant of Jesus Christ. Which leads me to our first miracle of the week!
Cristina. We met her son Anthony in the street Cristina. We met her son Anthony in the street and told him about the Book of Mormon, he told us that we should come back and teach his entire family. So we set an appointment and went back. As we taught this family we came to find that they have 8 children... first miracle. We continued teaching and I found myself teaching the restoration from a bit of a different perspective, we began teaching the Plan of Salvation and through the authority restored by Joseph Smith you can be sealed as a family for ever. Turns out, she had lost a child a few years ago and has been praying to know what happens after we die. We had a very powerful lesson and at the end she explained that she has been meeting with "other people that teach about the bible" and tries to avoid them. But when we called to confirm our appointment she actually felt excited and looked forward all day for us to come. She feels something different and very comfortable about us and our lesson. (Backing up to the day before, we were weekly planning, and hermana Richardson suggested that we plan to teach Christina every day that week. In my mind, I laughed and said "that would be the day." But we prayed for it specifically.) So when the end of the lesson came to ask Cristina when we could return she surprised us by asking "when can you come back?" we slowly suggested "well, everyday if you want." And she said... "That would be great." PRAYER WORKS. Dont ever doubt it!
Shes awesome, and we are excited to teach her again tomorrow!
So that being said, i love being a representative of Jesus Christ. Im taking advantage of His name on my tag every day... But to be honest, more often than not. People fail to realize who we represent. They assume us to be one of the first... and we dont get to share this extremely important message with them. That is where the members come in.
As members of the Church of Jesus Christ, we are all representatives of Jesus Christ. We all have a responsibility to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. And our friends feel it a little less weird by having you ask them to an activity or FHE then meeting some super awkward girls show up on their front porch.
So the challenge for the week is to SHARE THE GOSPEL.
And your in disneyland, so that should be easy to find people that dont know about the church. I promise you the God will put people in your path to meet and invite that are looking for the purpose and happiness that the gospel brings... which will make them even happier than Disneyland. Because its a lasting happiness.
I love you all!! Thanks for all you do! I hope you have an amazing trip! Con mucho amor! Ustedes siempre estan en mis oraciones! Les quieremos! 

La hermana Johnson

July 28, 2014

Hola familia!
Una semana lleno de milagros! Dios está bendiciéndonos! Well Hermana
Richardson has been here for a total of 6 days, and she is doing
awesome. She's adjusting back to the states and missionary life... I
think she likes the real Mexican food over the "imitation
mexicanized-American MTC food" I think were her words. But we get a
long very well. She is from Stansburry Park Ut, 19 years old, and love
ballroom dance. So she's awesome! And more than that, she has a great
desire to serve her savior and has a strong testimony of the Church. I
couldn't have asked for a better trainee... God knew I needed a
pre-trained one :)
Every night we come back she falls asleep on the couch before we
finish planning, she says she has never been so tired in her life...
So were trying to work hard. And God is blessing us with a lot of
For example, we were leaving our favorite local toco shop TiaWannas
Mexican food/browns chicken and icecream (weirdest combination EVER -
inside decor includes Hispanic muñecas and clowns) but they make great
$3 burritos. As we got in the car we were about to close the door a
lady came up to me and said "I have been looking for someone to teach
me about the bible. You look like you could help me, and I felt like I
should talk to you." She preceded to tell us that her sister had died
and she wasn't prepared to meet god. This lady,
Tina, wants to learn more about god and the bible. MIRACLES.
Unfortunately she is english, but I love the feeling of being in the
right place at the right time. We also have started teaching a girl
named Gabriella. We met her a few days back and set a return
appointment. We asked "do you have any questions before we start the
lesson with a prayer?" To which she responded "um... Sólo quiero saber
que necesita hacer para bautizarme."- GOLDEN.
We had an awesome lesson and were able to set a baptism goal and get
her started reading in the Book of Mormon.
I know with all my heart that God is preparing so many people to
accept the gospel. We just need to find and invite them. That's your
job... All you members out there.
I had another cool experience, Tuesday we drove past a house that I
remembered knocking my first week in the area (way back in feb.) I
never once talked to the people inside but remember Hermana Trimble
saying they were interested. So I quickly saved the address in the
GPS. Yesterday we were driving to Galena and I felt like maybe we
could just stop by and knock the door. So we did. We met a man, we
will call him Jorge. He just recently returned home from a few years
of jail time. He proceeded to tell us that his time in jail completely
changed his life and he wants to make things right with god. He is
also having problems with his wife and just wants a happy family. We
were able to share a few scriptures with him and set a return
appointment to meet with the whole family. I know that god sent us
there at that exact time for a specific reason. I know that God is
aware of every single one of his children no matter who or where they
are. He is more involved in our lives than we will ever know.
Final experience was with Alejandra yesterday. We went to stop by to
see if she was coming to church. We started talking about how every
time she gets more involved in the church or remembers to read or
tries to pray, obstacles and trials enter into her life. She said,
everytime she tries to read something (a literal force) pulls her away
or keeps her from opening it. And sometimes when she tries to pray,
something binds her tongue. We opened up to Joseph Smith History vs.

As Joseph Smith began to pray he said "I had scarcely done so, when
immediately I was aseized upon by some power which entirely overcame
me, and had such an astonishing influence over me as to bind my tongue
so that I could not speak. Thick bdarkness gathered around me, and it
seemed to me for a time as if I were doomed to sudden destruction."
ETERNAL TRUTH #1: wherever there is truth, satan attacks it.
And the closer you get to a spiritual, revelatory experience, the
stronger the opposition becomes.
ETERNAL TRUTH #2: god is more powerful than the adversary.
"Exerting all my powers to call upon god... just at this moment of
great alarm, I saw a pillar of clight exactly over my head, above the
brightness of the dsun, which descended gradually until it fell upon
me." And you know the rest.
I am eternally grateful for Joseph Smith and his dedication to know
the truth. What would have happened if Joseph smith would have given
in? What would have happened if he just said, "man, this is too hard,
there's too much opposition." I mean, he practically joined the
presbyterian church.... And where would that have left us all. I am
eternally grateful for his example of faith and endurance. I know that
the harder a trial becomes signifies that we are that much closer to
the breaking point. We are that much closer to the miracle...
Bruce R. McConkie said "great men climb mountains." Sometimes we climb
to what we think is the top just to find another peak, but I know that
if we endure, the reward will be that much gratifying. God never
withholds blessings.
I love you all! Thanks for your support and prayers!!!
Love you all!!! Have an amazing day!! Les quiero!! Let me know what
you need and how your doing! Keep praying for my investigators because
they need it! They are climbing big mountains but with God nothing is
Con amor Hermana Johnson

July, 21, 2014

Wow, can you believe that it's already the end of July?! Time flies,
and after 3 short transfers with Hermana Sewell, she is being
transferred to Beloit Wisconsin... The farthest you can get still
being in mission boundaries. Man I'm going to miss her. She has don’t
great things for this area and the ward has really grown to love her.
That being said, I’m pretty excited... I get to train the only new
Hermana. She is flying in from the Mexico MTC as we speak. She will
get a little spoiled with the Aurora apartment, car, members, etc. Im
convinced this is the best ward in the mission. I am very nervous, but
we are going to be exactly obedient to qualify for the continual help
of the Holy Ghost. I’m going to need it A LOT!
Our investigators are doing alright. It was a bit of a rough week...
Nothing compared to a typhoons but the adversary just works in so many
ways. Neither Alejandra or Pricilla have been to church the last 2
weeks. Daniel had to work and Guadalupe has not answered any of our
calls. Some times free agency makes me mad... I just want to drag them
to church because there are so many blessings... however, we seen or
taught all of the between church yesterday and this morning and they
are all still committed to baptism... When is just the big question.
We are trying to help them understand what it means to be a disciple
of Christ. That no matter what comes up, we must always be obedient to
what we know is right… like church attendance.
This week We really want to focus on inviting everyone and teaching
families. Our investigators are amazing but none have family support
and that is an external factor that is working against us. And since
salvation is a family affair, if we work a little harder to involve
families, maybe that will help us to reach our goals and help our
investigators support each other.
Thanks for all the letters, the text was actually from a member... But
she is a convert and has been looking for a way to buy Pero. So
thanks. Also the scripture cases, you can buy the same ones in the MTC
in Provo. So maybe that could help. Thanks for looking so hard.
I hope everyone is doing alright! We have been teaching, cleaning and
packing all day and have to go to dinner, but I promise to send some
pictures and a better letter next week! Thanks for your prayers and
support! I love you all SO much!!!
Thanks for everything! Have a fantastic week! Let me know if there is
any advice for training. Im pretty nervous but I know God will help
Con mucho amor!
La Hermana Johnson!

Ps: could you send me a copy of my patriarchal blessing? I lost mine
and I would love to have it again. Thanks a mission. Give everyone a
great big hug for me!

July 14, 2014

Sorry, we have had a crazy day and I dont have time to write an long letter! But here is a little bit about our super amazing week!!

Dear President Fenn,

God is blessing us so much. We have had some great experiences with the youth this week during our mini missions. We have taken out 3 youth and every day we just had straight lesson after lesson, and met so many people that wanted to learn about the restored gospel. The youth were able to bear their testimonies and even invite some to be baptized. They were really nervous but it was cool to them get out of their comfort zones.

I also had a great exchange with Hermana Trimble on Saturday. I feel so blessed to have such amazing leaders in this mission... Ha and she came to my area so it was just like old times! We saw so many miracles!!! I cant belive she leaves in a week!! She helped me a lot with some things I have been struggling with, and helped me understand that the Atonement covers basically everything that we fall short on. I set some great goals and cant wait to continue to study the enabling power of the atonement this week.

Another miracle we saw was our investigator. She has been living with an abusive man. And we stopped by for our lesson on Tuesday and the member told us that she had moved out. We were awed! And turns out that she decided she had had enough, he would let her go to church so she moved out. It was incredible to see how much the gospel is changing her life. She came to church and is progressing so much. Its like she is a different person.

Thanks for all you do! I love you all so much! I really appreciate your support and I pray for you all every night and I know Heavenly Father is personally involved in all of our lives. Of that I testify. He knows us perfectly and knows exactly what is best for us. He wants us to be happy and as long as we are always trying to keep our covenants, obey the commandments and turning out, everything will fall into place! Have a great day!

Con mucho amor!

Hermana Johnson

July 7, 2014

Hola Familia!! Como han estado?! Feliz Cuarto de Julio!

I hope you had a great independence day! We celebrated with fireworks (from the window of our apartment :) Hispanics love an excuse to party so they celebrated Americas independence day as well with a picnic full of rice, beans, and lots of tortillas; just the way i like it! (Im pretty sure every email includes something that I ate in the last week... I can’t help it, I’m in LOVE with Mexican food!)
Anyway, let’s get down to the nitty gritty... Life's great as a missionary.
Just a miracle to start things off. Lucky we haven't had to knock at all these last few transfers, Aurora is great in the sense that basically all you have to do is walk outside and we find new people to teach. Progressing on the other hand seems to be the hard part. They just don’t really want to give up their silly habits like working on Sundays and “si Dios quiere” waiting for Him to provide an easy way to follow the commandment. That’s a little harsh, most are just so busy trying to provide a better future that they have a hard time making time for God. However, we are being very blessed.

Saturday we felt a strong impression to knock this door. We met Lucy and her 2 kids. They were on their way out but we figured they had 5 minutes to listen to the most important message they will ever hear, so we began to give a brief restoration. As I began to recite the first vision we could feel the spirit testify very strongly. As I finished, Hermana Sewell asked Lucy how she felt about this message, she looked at us laughing and said, "Well you made me cry. I don't know why I'm crying or why I feel so happy but good job, you made me cry." We all laughed a little bit, and then proceeded to explain why she felt the way that she did. The first vision brings the spirit. Truth brings the spirit. It was a very powerful experience, and another testimony builder that the spirit is the teacher. I know Joseph smith was a prophet of God and this Church is true. I know he saw what he said he did and that the restored gospel makes us the best people we can be.
We are starting our mini missions today, we have one set up after another and then exchanges at the end of the week, we are excited to see some miracles and help the youth share their testimonies.
Another miracle, Priscilla came to church yesterday. Her little girls loved it and asked her if they could come back every day. (I wish everyone was that excited about church.) Pricilla really felt the spirit and is trying to get work off Sundays so she can set a baptism date.
As for me, I am working to control the spirit better in lessons and surprisingly this week I saw improvement. Before lessons I prayed to be better receptive to the spirit and focus on the investigator, and I was able to stay focused and not become frustrated. I'm thankful Heavenly Father is willing to help with even the little things.

Im reading a talk by Elder Ballard called “Rise to Your Call” (Oct. 2002). He gives a few tips for anyone serving in The Restored Church. He said, “It is by giving our whole hearts to the Master and keeping his commandments that we come to know Him. In time, the power of the atonement, our hearts are changed, and we become like Him. Our callings in the church have power beyond any other endeavor in which humans can engage. That power depends on the faith of those called to serve in it.” What a privileged it is to serve my Heavenly Father as a full-time missionary. I left on my mission thinking that I was going to repay my Savior for the continual blessings I have received throughout my life. After a year, I am well-aware that I will never even come close to giving back what I have received. I haven’t even made a dent. Because any sacrifice that I make, He repays me in double fold. However I am eternally grateful for the changes he has made in me. The gospel changes people, I know that to be true, because it has changed me and I am so thankful for that!
Thanks for everything you do, I hope you all have a great week. Te quiero mucho!! Gracias por su apoyo, cartas, y oraciones!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Johnson

July 1, 2014

I dont have a lot of time, so the letter might be a little short... but here are some picture. 
#1 is Pricila! We just taught her again this morning, she is doing great! She wasnt able to come to church because even though she got work off, the building flooded, so she got called in.... fishy right. 
#2 Hermana Sewell. Enough Said. 
#3 Familia Villagomez. We have taught them for a while, David told me that he thinks if he asks his dad everyday for a year maybe he will finally say yes to let them be baptized.
#4 My super awesome birthday dinner at familia Aranas. That is alejandra and her kids Veronica and Karla! 
#5 Familia Yep, super awesome members '
#6 Our hike with las otras hermanas today! Batavia is a really pretty town.

June 30, 2014

Hola familia! 

We had a really great week. Saw lots of miracles!
We are excited to begin our Missionary Month in the Aurora Ward. Its exciting to see how supportive our families and auxiliaries are, we are hoping to see a lot of success the next 3 weeks and getting the ward more excited about inviting friends to learn about the restored gospel. Hermana Sewell and I taught a lesson to the 13-14 year old Sunday school class which was a success. As we shared our advice and experiences we realized that most members really have that desire to share the gospel but are just not exactly sure how. I know the Lord is preparing his army of missionaries at younger and younger ages.
We had a neat experience with Alejandra and her family this week. On Saturday night we participated in her very first Family Home Evening. We had helped her plan it a few days before, but when we showed up on saturday we were surprised to see the house decorated, dinner set out, and the entire family waiting to start the activity (the husband didn't make an appearance, however the daughter that lives in Joliet and her boyfriend showed up for the special occasion.) Alejandra was so excited to share with her family what she has been learning and it was a really amazing experience to see her finally teaching her kids about the gospel. If we can ever get her baptized I know she will never fall away... its the "teach a man to fish and he will eat for life" principle. It was one of those "indescribable joy" moments.
Sorry it's so short, but thanks for the great photos and letters!! Wow those slot canyons!!!! Goes pictures are amazing, nice work!!!! I can't wait to go there!! Also, thanks for the slip mom, it was exactly what I wanted! And the shirt, I love it a lot. Perfect fit.
Thanks for all you do!! I hope you are all doing great and remembering to do your noche de hogar tonight! (Forced family fun as we liked to call it.) Que tengan un bonito noche!!
Con mucho amor! Hermana Johnson!

Also I have a member who was wondering if you knew the address to order pero online, she would love to order some.
Thanks!!! Les quiro mucho!

June 23, 2014

Wow, I cannot say thank you enough for everything!! It was one of the greatest birthdays ever!!! I can’t believe that I am 22 - you think that I would be a little bit wiser by now, but it still have to use the GPS to get down the street and a recipe for french toast... However, I think I have learned a thing or two over the last year.

Hermana Sewell was super awesome! I woke up to balloons and a birthday smoothie, she even made me a scavenger hunt. Then at night Obispo Arana and his wife had us over for hamburgers and angel food cake!! They even bought me a shirt; the elders were there and the best part was Alejandra and her girls came! It was a surprise to me because it was monsoon raining outside all day. I was so happy that they came, they even got me a little gift! (Best investigators ever!)

Ill try to send some pictures in the next few weeks!

Anyway, we had a zone conference on Friday, it has been over a month since we had any meeting so I was really excited to hear from President Fenn... He talked a lot about Joseph and Hyrum Smith and the martyrdom since the 27 will be the 160 year anniversary of their death. He told us a detailed account of one night when the mob kicked in the door and grabbed the Prophet. He left his screaming wife and 2 twins (this is not a completely accurate account but it was something along these same lines). The mob took him and dragged him a ways from him home. One man began to claw him and give him poison but he clenched his jaw so tightly that they couldn’t get it down. Then they poured hot tar and chicken feather all over him. Someone mistakenly yelled, “the Mormon are coming” and the cowards fled. Later, when asked about this event, he simply said, “The next morning, being the Sabbath, I gave a sermon and baptized 3 people.” President Fenn said that this is his motivation to keep pushing forward. On top of everything that he has to deal with, his calling is for 3 years and he intends to stay till the jobs done. He is incredible. And then when I think about complaining about the cold, the rain, the heat, or because we had doors slammed in our face. I just remember my hero’s; president Fenn and joseph smith. Who am I to complain when I have a life pretty close to perfection? And I haven’t been tarred or feathered yet or gone through heart surgery. Life is pretty good.

Anyways, Our investigators are doing great; Pricilla is working on getting work off and her husband to listen, Alejandra is ordering her divorce papers so she can get married to her husband, and Daniel had a family emergency in Texas… The Lord works in mysterious ways but the adversary’s ways are worse. There is always something. But when there is more to overcome there are greater sacrifices to make, which means greater blessings in the future.

I love you all!! Thanks for your cards, gifts, wishes, and most of all prayers!! I hope you are all doing well, and enjoying this beautiful day. Today has been pretty crazy, if I don’t get to writing you all today, I promise ill get it to you next week!! Thanks for all you do! Dios les bendiga!

Con mucho amor, les quiero!

La hermana Johnson

Hermana Sewell told me to send you this scripture... We met a pretty nice man this week who wasnt interested but his saying has become one of our favorites. "Soy Creyente... Nada Mas!".
Mosiah 13:1
Que tengan un bonito dia!!

June 16, 2014


I hope your Father’s day was as wonderful and filling as mine. Our members took great care of us :) After church we had a cookout with la Familia Cortez; rice, beans, chorizo, carne asada… all that good stuff. It was so good we couldn’t stop eating… which was great except that we came to find out our next appointment had cooked us dinner as well… chicken tortas. Needless to say that we had a pretty eventful father’s day!

This week was great, we have seen so many miracles. We have been using Elder Ballards talk with our ward members, committing them to begin their study of Preach My Gospel and making plans to invite one person before the end of this quarter.

(Which is the end of this month!! So any of you that haven’t done it yet, repent and start praying for it now!!! Here is the link to his talk if you need a refresher of what he invited ALL members to do!

This morning we reaped the fruit of our labors (well of Gods labors)... We had an appointment with a ward member, Hermana Cuevas, and her sister-in-law Priscila. She is a miracle. She is so prepared and seeking truth. She told us that she has finished with the Jehovah’s Witnesses after weeks of study because she finished all their books and she is "still not convinced." Somehow or another she got in touch with the Mormon missionaries in Salt Lake City and they have had a few over-the-phone lessons in the last week. Today we taught her in Hermana Cuevas’s home about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end of the lesson she accepted our invitation to be baptized. We are very excited to keep working with her!

Another miracle. Jan is a grandma who just moved into our apartment complex about 3 weeks ago. We met her the other day and helped her move some stuff into her apartment. She has lived in Illinois her entire life and was raised Catholic. We wanted to thank us for helping so invited us over yesterday to have some apple juice. We got talking about the church and taught her about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and the spirit was so strong. We showed her how to download the book of Mormon and she is excited to read it. As she said the closing pray she told God, “thank you for sending me to these young ladies. They had a light in their faces and it just shows me how true this message is.” She is so great, we are going to introduce her to the English missionaries but now I know the promise is true. D&C 100:4 Therefore, I, the Lord, have suffered you to come unto this place; for thus it was expedient in me for the salvation‍ of souls. I know that God puts each one of us in places for a specific reason. We are in our specific homes, neighborhoods, works, schools to meet those that are being prepare to accept the gospel. All we have to do is pray and have the faith to open our mouths, invite those we know and love to learn a little more and God will do the rest.

Hermana Sewell is great, she always tries to implement what we study and learn into our lessons, she never settles for mediocre when it can be better and she was is always willing to serve those around her. The members really love her happy spirit.

This morning I was reading in King Benjamin Sermon, I bet he was a very powerful man much like yourself. I love Mosiah 2:20-24 “…if you should render all the thanks and praise which your whole soul has power to possess, to that God who has created you, and has kept and preserved you… if ye should serve him who has created you from the beginning, and is preserving you from day to day, by lending you breath, that ye may live and move and do according to your own will, and even supporting you from one moment to another – I say, if ye should serve him with all your whole souls yet ye would be unprofitable servants.” V. 22 “and behold, all that he requires of you is to keep his commandments; and he has promised you that if ye would keep his commandments ye should prosper in the land…” Something like that, you know how it goes. I am continually humbled to know that everything God does for us is completely selfless. Even the commandments are given for our benefit. And all we have to do is obey and he will bless us, IMMEDIATELY. I know that to be true. I am thankful for a loving Father in Heaven that continually blesses us even when we are so undeserving and indebted.

Please keep Alejandra in your prayers; 20 year and 3 children later, she is making a hard decision in order to enter into the covenant of baptism. Thanks for all you do! I love you all! I got the package but want to wait to open it on Wednesday. Can’t believe I’m almost 22. Time just flies, its frightening. Have a wonderful week!

Con mucho amor! Hermana Johnson

June 9, 2014

Happy Monday!
The great news!! Hermana Sewell and I get to stay together for another beautiful 6 weeks! We recieved a text saturday saying that we were getting a transfer call, we were sad. Then at about 10:15 we received a call from the Elders saying, we made a mistake, you are staying together! So we were very happy. God keeps putting amazing people in our path. Aurora is the greatest!
The weekly miracle: We finally got back into see our referral Hermano Pecheco. We have been stopping by all week, but for some reason he was never there. We drove past his house yesterday and saw his wife outside. We pulled off to the side and said a quick prayer, and hopped out to say hello. Our first impression of her was not the best, she had told us that they had a religion and that we should not waste our time to come back. Turns out, she is searching too. She was not open but as we began teaching the restoration and testifying of Joseph Smith, the spirit was so strong. She began crying and said she thinks this was the answer to her prayers. We set a baptism date, unfortunately they are going out of town for about 2 weeks but were very relieved when we told them we could change the date for when they return and are ready. I absolutely love teachings the restoration and testifying of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It is so powerful and changes hearts! Of that I can testify.
I am recently struggling with feeling like I am following the spirit. We had many experiences this week that confirmed to me that God is leading the work. On friday we were trying to find a building on lilac but couldnt find it. We decided to knock a random door to ask for directions. I dont think the word random is in Gods vocab. We met Mariella, she is a single, pregnant mother, who has been though alot. She is the most humble person and so receptive to the spirit. Crazy that we found her on friday morning because she said that is the only day she is ever home, friday at 11.
As if that wasnt crazy enough, that happend about 3 more times just friday. The days when all your plans fall through, its just because God has other plans for you. MIRACLES!! They happen everyday people!
Well hopefully you got my pictures! Love you all! I hope you have a great week and a wonderful fathers day!! This is my favorite mormon message of all time!! I think it brings the fathers day spirit!! Les quiero mucho!! Gracias por todo! earthly father, heavenly father!
Thank goodness for fathers :)
Con mucho amor!
Hermana Johnson