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August 24, 2013

Hola Familia!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I am so so sorry, I promise i didnt forget, i just didnt realize i wouldnt have a P-day before this monday... i feel like its been such a long time since i emailed you! But I hope you had an amazing birthday and did something fun!!! (I really hope my letter got to you on time!!)
Wow a lot has changed since I emailed you last!!! One week ago I was in Mexico and now Im living the life in Chicago. I cant believe I am actually here, sometimes I forget that Im back in the US. Its amazing though. Last monday was long, it started at 2am when we left for the airport and flew all day. We met President Fenn and the Mission leaders and drove to downersgrove to the office and mission home. We spent the night there and the next morning I met my trainer, Hermana Child!! She is amazing!! We get along so well, probably too well... we are basically the same person, except she has red hair and can speak spanish. I love her so much and am learning everything that i can from her. She has an amazing testimony and an increadible love for people. She works so hard and truly desires to help people... not just with the 'tip of the iceburg' problems... She prays and works so hard in order to help people overcome their concerns and answer the questions of their souls. I am so lucky to have her.
After one full week of missionary work, I have learned SO much. As for the spanish, I am going to need you all to pray harder for me :) Its pretty rough not being able to speak or understand people, I so desperatly want to help teach and better fulfill my purpose but my spanish, if anything, is regressing since the MTC. However, I am determined to work harder... I have a study plan and Im determined to learn this language. So all your prayers are welcome!!
I have met so many wonderful people!! I am learning alot about the hispanic culture and sometimes it catches me off guard. An hour lesson flys because every time you ask a question people just start rambling for hours (it feel) and they go off on tangents and stand up to get food and offer you a drink, and turn up their novela... Its very difficult to have peoples undivided attention. But when you do, amazing things happen. I truely have felt lessons guided by the spirit. And you can feel a distinct difference when you know you are saying exactly what the Lord would tell them if He was here. Its an amazing feeling.
The Work:
First off, the work is amazing... and inspired, and 100% directed by the Hand of the Lord.
We are working on making our branch into a ward ... (I have been assigned to Elgin South by the way) - Elgin is a beautiful area, everything is so green and there are trees everywhere. There are a lot of hispanics and alot of work to be done. Our branch is pretty weak so we are trying to work more with the Menos Activos, so everyone will come back to church and help strenthen the new members.
The Barajas are a member family that are inactive. We visited them twice this week, they have 3 older sons and their nephew Daniel, is living with them from Mexico. We have been teaching him the lessons and are praying that we can put him on date to be baptized very soon. Its just difficult because there is always so much going on at their house that we cant sit down and teach very well... But he has felt the sprit and knows that what we teach him is true..
So many miracles this week... but the greatest happened yesterday with Miguel. Miguel is a man the sisters met the day before I arrived. He rode up to them on his bike and asked if they were missionaries. They gave him a book of mormon and he asked if they would come over and talk to him about it more. So we visited him on wednesday. He is in his mid 20 with tattoos and a pretty 'tough' appearance. Its amazing how the spirit can soften peoples hearts... but the first lesson was a disaster!! We took an older member of the ward and they started fighting about the holy spirit and she started rambling off about things that were not doctrine... (i think, i was trying to follow along but my spanish is not quite up to par...)  Anyway, we tried to clear some things up... long story short, Gods work will not be frustrated. Even though it was a terrible lesson, he wanted us to return to learn more. He even called us that night to ask if he could come to church, when we told him that is was actually stake conference this weekend and the church was about 25 min away, he said "okay, well will you send me the address?" And, he came!!! And it was a miracle, and everyone spoke about the holy ghost (which was one of his big questions) and he felt the spirit... He wants to repent and learn more. He hadn't been to church in over 14 years so it took a lot of faith for him to come. I cant wait to see what happens, but we need everyone's prayers to help us follow the spirit and know what to say.
The Christlike attribute i am working on this week is HOPE. Hope is manifest in confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and patient perseverance... believing and expecting that something will occur. Its a trust in Gods promises and a faith that if we act, God will bless us.Hope is sure, unwavering, and active which leads us to be sure, steadfast, and always abounding in good works!  Ether 12:4, Alma 22:16.
So thats my challenge this week... strive and pray to have a perfect hope!! Know that no matter what happens, we can have a hope in the gospel that everything will work together for good!!!
Well, I have so much more to tell you! and so much more to say!!  But unfortunatly, I am out of time! I cant wait to tell you more, I miss you guys so much and I send all my love!!!
Thanks for all of your amazing examples!!
Hermana Johnson
The computer I'm on wont let me send pictures... hopefully next week i will be able to.

Also, thank you SOOO much for the package and letter with my ID... I got them both. Packages can only be sent to the mission home in Downers Grove but you can send letters to my apartment.

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