Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hola familia, como estan? Esperamos que ustedes esten disfrutando el calor y la
Esta muy bonita aquí en Aurora! It seems to have skipped spring but Aurora is as beautiful as ever. We had a really great week, full of surprises.

We were able to see our members come together a lot due to two deaths in the ward. Carmen was probably one of the happiest people I know, she had a great impact on me and the ward. She was baptized in February of this year. Since then, her and her son’s life have completely changed. She was older and has been suffering from cancer for a while. It really makes you realize how short this life is. It was incredible to see the kind of strength and understanding that the gospel gives us in the plan of salvation. It is hard to believe how blessed and fortunate we are to have the truth.

The other death was the mother of our bishop. That was hard on the ward as well but they were there to support one another. It makes one realize that life is very short. And the mission is even shorter.
We have been blessed with the most amazing investigators. We have hit a few minor road blocks (by minor I mean finding out that Alejandra, after 20+ years, has never been married and Jessica is now working 2 jobs) but God is greater than all and he works miracle according to the faith of men. And luckily for us, Alejandra has a lot of faith, so she is really striving to do
all she can to give up coffee, tea and convince her not-so-open husband of the importance of the true gospel. The funny thing is that we promised we would stop eating sweets until her baptism as she tried to stop drinking coffee… it might be a few more than 2 weeks, but maybe we will be able to eat the cake at her wedding :) Jessica as well is trying to give up smoking. It is very inspiring to see people trying to make such drastic changes in their lives. I know more than ever that this gospel is true, it makes us so much better than we would be without it!

Carmen and Oscar are progressing as well, hopefully everything will run smoothly from here on out… I usually like surprises but we had enough this week.
We are hoping that Hermana Sewell and I will be together for a little longer, especially now that our baptisms have been pushed back. I have really grown a strong love for the people here, especially our investigators. No matter what happens, I understand God knows where we both need to be but I will be thankful for whatever time I have left… Aurora is swimming in Hispanics
and I really enjoy that.  Also, I told Alejandra I would ask if you could maybe send some  pero/postum in my birthday package because we cant find it here... or if you have any other ideas for coffee replacements that would be much appreciated!

Thanks for all you do! Dejeme saber si hay algo que podemos hacer por ustedes! Que tengan un bonito dia! Les quiero con todo de mi corazón!
Con mucho amor, Hermana Johnson 

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