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May 19, 2014

Feliz lunes! I hope you are having a great day! The exciting news of the day, I am finally an adult... yep, I picked up a skirt from the dry cleaners today :)
"I is plainly evident that the gospel, when lived, makes people better than they otherwise would be." That is a quote from President Gorden B. Hinckley that I read this morning and thought you would like it. I know that to be true. I am so much better becuase of the gospel in my life.
We feel so blessed, God is putting so many wonderful people in our path. We have been working with some families and finally were able to put them on date. As a zone we have been focusing on church attendance and we are finally seeing the blessings of our efforts (not that it’s ever from our efforts, God does it all.) However, yesterday, Carmon, Oscar and their entire family showed up 20 minutes early for church and stayed all three hours. Hermana Sewell and I laughed as we asked them after the last hour and the father said "I think there is meeting for some youth conference thing and we would really like to go if that is alright."
Five minutes after the first hour started, Alejandra and her entire family (including the husband who we have never met) showed up to church. It was a very spiritually sacrament meeting and we were so happy to see these families participating in ordinances of salvation.
The situation with David and Arturo is that his father is not giving permission for their baptisms. He works 7 days a week 6am to 9pm and we have only been able to teach him with the boys twice. He has no interest and believes that his sons are not making their own decision. So their baptisms are on hold for now, we are fasting and praying but if you have any other advice let us know.
We had an awesome zone conference this week! President Fenn is amazing, he never ceases to amaze! He started his speech with “When you are close to the point of dying you can think more clearly.” He explained that he is on a mission until he finished what the Lord has sent him to do and he will not go home a day sooner no matter how hard it gets. I am not sure how I got so lucky to have such an amazing mission president. He talked a lot about redoubling our efforts and rising up and doing better. He invited us all to take some time to do a serious introspection/self-evaluation. We need to be honest with ourselves and think, are we really doing the best that we can? Are we really sacrificing all that we should be to do the work of the Lord? He gave us steps to receiving spiritual power as an instrument in the Hands of the Lord and I invite all you to take some time this week and try it as well.
How to gain Spiritual Power:
1.       A commitment to do our best to keep the commandments (relentless focus to access the full power of the atonement in our lives.)
2.       Sanctified by the Holy Ghost: seek, listen, and follow its promptings. (How often do I ask the spirit to guide me?)
3.       Exercise faith in Christ: do I believe and expect miracles?
4.       Determination to speak as agents – When was the last time God used me as his instrument?
5.       Be bold in inviting people to change: illuminate all fear.
6.       Teach by the spirit.
1.       How is my testimony?
2.       How is my scripture study going?
3.       How are my prayers? (Are they focused or wandering?)
4.       How is my courage?
5.       Do I recognize the spirit?
If your testimony ever feels week, I know if you immerse yourself in scripture study you will feel closer to god, your day will be different, and you will see miracles. I know that the Book of Mormon and the Joseph Smith was the prophet of the last dispensation. This knowledge is the solid foundation to an unshakable testimony. So in the words of president fenn, if your weak “Rise up and Do Better!” Because this work matters! And it makes us happy, I know that to be true!
Thanks for all you do. Thanks for your prayers and support, we saw the results! Les quiero mucho!!
Con amor,
Hermana Johnson

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