Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 12, 2014

Espero que todos tuvieron un bonito día de madre!
It was so much fun to see you all yesterday!! I love you more than you
know and I love being a missionary. I just feel so privileged and
blessed beyond belief.
Well Aurora is great. We had a bit of a rough week (numbers wise) but
it's nothing that a little harder work and a little more faith can't
fix. Unfortunately I have found myself in the all-too-often position
of being comfortable and feeling like we aren't getting anywhere. I
hated to admit it to myself that I was getting lazy in my thinking and
my work. Worse than a self-realized call to repentance is the
accompanying feeling that amongst the lessons we taught and the people
we met there could have been missed opportunities. But God is so
merciful. For reasons I will never understand, he continues to bless
and forgive us. No matter he just forgets the past and tells us to
move forward. We saw so many miracles this week.
For example: Jessica is a member referral that we were able to serve
last week. We cleaned out her house and scheduled a return
appointment. She has been separated from her husband for a few months
however for some reason the morning we came for our lesson, he showed
up (unannounced and unknowing of our appointment.) As we taught the
lesson we came to find that the husband has a mother who is a member
in Mexico. He has never learned anything about the church and Jessica,
from the moment we prayed, knew that it was true. Although there is a
little more to the story than that, the highlight was the husband that
said "I just wanted to say thank you for coming. I didn't know why I
felt like I should come today, but this was the most beautiful thing I
have ever heard. I am sitting her with my family which is a miracle in
and of itself and we are feeling something that we have never felt
before" (don't direct quote me on that, was in Spanish. But from what
I remember it was something along those lines.) it is just amazing how
the spirit works in peoples hearts, and Heavenly Father leads us to
them in the exact time they need it.
The ward is great, we have began seeking inspiration to pair families
and investigators. We have a note with their information and daily
ways for the member help the progress of the investigator. It's our
way of sharing the responsibility with the members for the progress of
the investigators so when they do get baptized they will have that
solid friend and help, so they don't just get baptized and lost under
the rug. We are praying for its success and following up with members
Hermana Sewell is great, she is helping to push me and I am learning a
lot from her. Thanks for all you do. I hope everyone had a great
Mother's Day and did something extra special for their mothers. I love
you all and pray for you every night. Thanks for your examples and
Con mucho amor!!!
Hermana Johnson

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