Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hola Familia!!
I can’t believe that it is almost Halloween!!! I have to admit, I miss the Utah Halloween... We have found it a little difficult to bring the spirit to a door approach when there are death eaters and skulls with blood drippings from the door... And you think I’m exaggerating. But people really get into Halloween here. They have had decorations up for over a month.
Hopefully, we will have the chance to do something fun on Halloween, our branch has a Halloween party for the youth but they are watching an 80's movie or something... so I’m not sure. Also Thursday is a planning day anyway so hopefully we will get to leave the house. However, the weather is beautiful. A little cold because it’s always super windy, but the leaves are so pretty and the sun shines most days.
It’s been a great week... a lot of learning. We had a really interesting day yesterday. President Fenn came to our little Spanish branch to speak (in Spanish) and he doesn’t speak Spanish, but it was awesome! He was a little out of his element but that didn’t stop him from yelling into the mic and testifying with the spirit! I wish everyone could hear him speak, it’s always so powerful!! Anyway, for all of you that have never attended a Spanish branch, you are missing out. The meetings are great. Yesterday’s meeting started a hymn that’s not in the English hymn book. Hermana Child plays the piano but can’t read notes, so when it’s a hymn not in the English hymn book, accompanied with Hispanic singers... it always sounds great. Then cute, old hermano catolino giving the opening prayer apologizing to heavenly father for missing last Sunday. Danial passed the sacrament for the first time!!! That was really cool to see! The talks were great, we have a missionary speak just about every Sunday (Luckily I have only given one so far). Then it ends with Daniel walking to the pulpit to pray before hermana child can play the closing hymn.
The entire time I was just laughing wondering what President Fenn was thinking. He was on the stand looking over a branch consisting of 10 active members (probably half eating food), 6 missionaries, and our 2 adult, male investigators. I love our branch!!
Other good news: Luis, one of our golden investigators, found and fixed bikes for us!!! So I we rode to church on our bikes, in a skirt for the first time! Great experience!

Thank you so much for all of you emails and photos!!! I love it so much!!! I’m sad imp not there to see Elsie in her costume... but I guess there will always be more pumpkins to carve and family parties to have when I return.
Also I had a really cool experience... One day this week as we were walking home, I looked at the stars. I thought to myself, the world is so big! As humans we can’t even comprehend the size of the galaxy, or how big the sky is. And yet, I have a personal relationship with the creator of Heaven and Earth. Heavenly Father is near me and I get to talk to Him every day. I feel so close to my Heavenly Father, I am so thankful for everything He has done for me! I love the gospel!!
Also, a quote that I love!!! Last district meeting Sister Fenn shared it with us, she said her dad, Elder McConkie would tell them all the time... "The pursuit of easy things makes men weak! Great Men Climb Mountains!!"
Life is not always easy... it was not intended to be easy. The purpose of life is to grow and progress and the only way to do this is through trials. But keeping an eternal perspective can help us have gratitude through anything!!
Thank you for all you do!! For your love and support!! I think and pray for your testimonies, your safety and health every day!! Thanks for your examples!!!

Love Hermana Johnson!

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