Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 2, 2013

Hola Familia, 
Espero que todos hayan tenido un bonita Accion de Gracias!! For me, It was one to be remembered! Unfortunately thursdays are our planning days here in Illinois, so that means that after studies we spent the first many hours of the day planning.... always a less than spiritual process, but this week we planned in the chapel so we could have wifi, and we took breaks to watch mormon messages on our fancy ipads. Then, since it was the holiday, we couldnt do any tracting or stop-bys so we had a couple hours to start converting our area book over to our ipad... luckily Hermana Lane knows how to make Swedish cake and chocolate balls, so we snacked on those a bit. Then we headed over to Presidente Portocarrero's house for dinner. They were so nice to invite all the missionaries from our branch over for dinner. They live in an apartment in Huntly... basically in the middle of nowhere. They were so excited to make an american thanksgiving for us!! So we ate turkey (the first time they had ever cooked one... it was pretty delicious!), stuffing (made from churiso and potatoes), spaghetti (of course they didn't forget the mayonnaise), and the best part, bbq ribs!! 
After dinner, we played some games and pulled out presidents guitar, we have some pretty talented Elders in our branch. For dessert we had tresleche for their son, Jr.'s birthday. I included some pictures for your enjoyment.  
Thanks for the pictures from the San Diego... It looks so beautiful and warm there! Im slightly jealous... but thats alright, im glad you all had fun! And Alex!! CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting, all your hard work has payed off! Your so awesome! I cant wait till I can come home and play with ya again, im going to be very out of shape and practice... i blame it on all those greasy tortillas and tortas that i eat. Sorry I couldnt be there, but I was cheering for ya here! 
The weather has been pretty consistent... Im getting very nervous because its already pretty cold and windy but bearable. I just cringe when the members say, "the winters not too bad, its just, after 12 straight weeks of -40 cold winds, you get a little tired of it." But we will see, hopefully I will survive. 
As far as the work goes... it goes. I have gained a testimony of momentum. When you loose momentum its hard to get back up to speed. But so goes life, I just think of the talk by Elder Uchtorf that advises us when we run into unexpected obstacles, we must "slowdown, steady the course, and focus on the things that matter most." But always just keep moving forward. 
Teaching others about being thankful made me realize how much work I have to do on myself. But I want you all to know how thankful I am for you! Im thankful for the opportunity to serve a mission, to bear testimony that Christ lives, and that our family will be together forever. Thanks for your examples, support, and love!   
     Let me know if I can do anything for you! I love you all!!!! 
Con Amor, Hermana Johnson 

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