Thursday, December 12, 2013

November 25, 2013

Hi mama! Thanks for the pictures and emails! I love ya so much!
Also, I cant wait for my quilt!!!!! Your amazing! Hopefully the elders are going to the mission home sometime in the upcoming week, so hopefully they will pick up my package. The nights are cold outside but our apartment is always warm so its not bad at all. Ha that's funny about your dream. I have had a few about you all... they make me miss ya more... but I love it.
Life is good... Its funny how Heavenly Father works. He knows exactly what we need to grow and learn. The mission is awesome because I have time to learn to deal with a lot of the hard things in life, but don't have many other things to worry about... its kind of like a prep-class for life. That being said, often times, in the moments its hard. But its all a blessing. Im jealous you all get to go to San Diego. I have a feeling the weather will be a little nicer there than it is here.... its pretty cold outside. Enjoy the sun for me! Hopefully alex's tourney goes well, you will have to let me know.
So Christmas... a month from today!!! YAH! It will be hard, but im excited too. I was thinking you could send me a giant box of hand/feet warmers from Costco for Christmas, that would probably be very helpful! I always love scarfs and anything warm :) Little toys (dollar-store play dough, etc.) would be perfect for the kids. They would be so grateful im sure. Also, this sounds weird but do you remember that little pack of pictures of Christ that you sent me from desert book... I would love little things like that. I like to make little cards/pictures for investigators on date and at baptisms but I don't have any pictures of Christ/temple. So maybe if you can find some little cheep ones to give away, that would be awesome. Its funny the little things I forget, there is no desert book here anywhere... and we haven't gotten to go to the temple so no chance for that.
Anyways, thanks for your quotes of the week. Its so true, if I've leaned anything, its that gratitude is a blessing. As children of a heavenly father, we have great value but in reality, we don't deserve anything. We truly are so blessed. "A thankful heart is rich in contentment".
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!!! I could not be more blessed in my life!! Thanks for all you do! Thanks for your love, support, prayers... we need them here.
Funny story, this week, we knocked into a family from Cambodia. They are amazing people!! He went though a lot to move to America, he wanted to be in the military. When we asked him if we could come in, if he wanted to take our shoes off, if we could share a message, he just kept saying "yes, yes, because im American now!". He is so thankful to live here and now his sacrifices have blessed the lives of his family. Anyway, we tried to teach the restoration but somehow, we found ourselves being lectured about Buddha, watching a youtube video about Cambodian temples, and drinking tea (non-caffeinated). Good times, unfortunately were Spanish missionaries so we cant keep teaching them but the sisters are going over to drop off a book of Mormon in Cambodian.
Well, Happy Thanksgiving. Eat some extra turkey and potatoes for me because ill probably be eating tacos and beans :)
Love you all!!
Hermana Johnson   

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