Sunday, October 5, 2014

August 25, 2014

Dear familia!
Como estan?! Espero que todo este bien! It's been a really hot and
humid week. A lot of rain and you just feel wet/sweaty/sticky... But
it's great.
hope you had as great of a week as we did!
The area is doing alright. After being in an area so long it's hard to
look back and not feel like you have seen any changes or great
improvement. But I know that The Lord does not work that way; He
prefers small and little miracles that eventually bring to pass great
works. So although I feel like we have seen little change in the wards
missionary work, I have seen so many miracles over the past transfers
that I cant deny that Aurora is where I am supposed to be.
However, every once and a while God gives you gigantic miracles. Like
Jose y Soxi.
They are member referrals. Hermana Saenz have invited this couple to
church countless times and each time was politely turned down.
However, this last week, Jose y Soxi, one Wednesday, asked Hermana
Saenz if they could accompany them to church... WHAT. (Don't be afraid
of rejections. One day they will remember.) They have been going
through some big life changes and want to strengthen their
relationship with God. They have come to church twice now and we met
for the first time with them this week. The lesson went great and we
are so excited to work with them... They are incredible people, when
they walked into Church, the majority thought they were visiting
As far as Pricilla goes, she came to church and is progressing. She is
doing a great job keeping the sabbath day holy, not going out or
shopping, and when her husband took out the son, she stayed home with
the kids. We are really proud of her.
Hermana Richardson is doing great. Her Spanish is really good, she
picks up on the language really fast, she just has a hard time
studying it, but I think it's just a difference in learning styles. It
gets a little rough because watching the 12 week videos, I tend to
feel a little inadequate. Ya know, because all the video shows you are
the perfect member present lessons, the spiritual moments, a little
bit of drama and then it skips to the baptism... In like 10 min. I
don't know about the California missions, but here in Aurora
conversion takes a little more time than that... Especially with
Hispanics because they all really like their novelas and cooking
tamales (did you know that it's like a very laborious, 5 hour process
from start to finish). But we just keep walking, reevaluating,
repenting, and God makes up the rest. Like Dory, we just keep
swimming... Literally, the humidity is so thick, we have to swim
Wish you were all here to share this great experience with, I love
seeing all the miracles, eating mole, and shopping en la supermercado!
Apparently the reason I was never very good at dancing before my
mission was because hadn't eaten enough chills. Las Hermanas Saenz
assured me that when I get home I'll be really good at it for all the
spicy Mexican meals I have eaten. Vamos a ver.
I love you all so much!!! I hope everything at home is going well!!
Let me know how i can help! Have a fantastic week! Muchisimo amor!!!
La Hermana Johnson

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