Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 8, 2014

Buenos días familia!! Cómo están?
Era una semana muy buena!! Muchas cosas difíciles pero muchas cosas
muy buenas. Espero que han podido ver los milagros pequeños de cada
día como yo. Una bendición bien grande de la misión es para poder a
ver los milagros diarios. Sorry, I'm stuck in Spanish mode. Anyway,
miracles. We see miracle every day. In my life. The lives of others.
God loves all of his children, of that I have no doubt.
For example, we met a family last Monday at a church activity. They
are great. They are renting the house of obispo monarrez. How? Great
question. Well, when the family decided to move to Aurora they hadn't
even starting looking for a house, when they found a piece of paper
with a number on it to call for a house to rent. They called. Obispo
monarrez answered. They asked about the house, he said, "I haven't
even put the house in the market yet how did you know about it." They
said "well we found a paper with your number on it...." God works in
mysterious ways. Anyway, they looked at the house, and the deal was
done. So obispo invited the to the activity. Turns out they loved it,
and that they have been to about as many different churches as there
are in Galena st. here in Aurora (Galena st. Has about 18... We
counted). Each time they moved somewhere new they went to a different
church. After hearing Joseph smith story, and the spirit touching
their hearts, they are excited to learn more. I know has been
preparing them for a very long time for this opportunity.
We are still working with the familia Torrez... Basically they are
more active than 90% of our members but have been too busy to take
lessons. Man, the advisary can just fill our lives with so many
stinking things. And even though they are all great things, it's
important that we make time in our lives for the things that are most
important. Like toes relating to our salvation. I am 100% certain at
this moment that the only true, restored gospel of Jesus Christ of
which I am teaching, is the most important thing in the world. Without
it we can not return to live with our Heavenly Father an older brother
after this life. With out it, we will never reach our full potential,
and without it our purpose in this life would be in vane. I think it
would be a great idea to reflect on our personal lives. Identify the
way our time is spent and how much of it is truly spent building up
the kingdom of God and helping us reach our purpose and potential.
Just a quick thought on will and desires...
Elder Russell T. Osguthorpe said "if gods will is to be done by us and
through us, then our will needs to be ghetto same as gods. We need to
want what He wants."
"Giving our will to The Lord doesn't mean that we give up our agency.
In reality, the opposite is true. The more we give our will to the
Lord, the more our own ability to exercise our moral agency grows.
Knowing what God wants us to know, saying what He wants us to say,
doing what He wants us to do all lead us to being what He wants us to
be. God gave us agency so we could yield ourselves to Him, not so we
could succumb to temptation." There is a direct connection between
what we desire and how act, if we really want something, we are going
to act in accordance. It's like the little boy and the cookie jar. He
wants a cooking, he is going to get a stool, climb the counter, clear
the fridge... Do whatever he needs to in order to reach his goal. If
the cookie is the gospel or a spot in the celestial kingdom, and the
little boy is the honest seeker of truth... They will do whatever
needs to be done, they will sacrifice whatever we must sacrifice in
order to reach the goal. Obviously we are not perfect, and life brings
other things the occupy our time and our minds, but I have a testimony
that when we sacrifice time for the things that matter most, daily
sacrifice our will for gods, life has much more purpose and much more
meaning. The daily challenges that we overcome will help turn us into
the person god wants us to be.

I love you all, I love the gospel, and I love my Heavenly Father. Let
me know if there is anything that I can do, your in my prayers every
Con mucho amor,
La hermana Johnson

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