Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 15, 2014

I hope everyone is having a great week.
Just a couple updates. My week was great, we were able to have a
lesson with familia Maldonado, they are doing great but still haven't
been able to come to church. We are counting our blessings today, la
familia Torres that has come to church the last 5 weeks finally set an
appointment with us for tonight. Word has it that Jose told obispo
that he wants to be baptized; hopefully we can set a date tonight.
We had an appointment with Pricila this morning. Last week we told her
that she is having a hard time progressing because she is not coming
to church and unless she can commit that it will be hard to progress
to baptism. Then she surprised us and came to church. So today during
the lesson we brought up baptism. She is apprehensive as well as us,
because if church attendance is a struggle we don't want her to go
inactive after baptism. But I know it gets more difficult of overcome
the temptations the longer you wait for baptism. Preach my gospel says
that if they are struggling with a commitment to wait until they are
following until baptism, so I guess we will just see.
Hermana Richardson is great. Her Spanish is excelling and we are
trying to focus thoughts and spend all time on the work. I am leaning
a lot from her. We are having a blast, even though it's freezing
outside... Here comes winter. Yah!
Thanks for everything, let us know how we can help. I love you all,
sorry it's so short. Thanks for your emails and pictures, for the
family history!!! I really appreciate it. I promise I'll write more
next week. And your getting a letter in the he mail, so hopefully that
makes up for it. Que le vaya muy bien! Les quiro mucho!!!
Con amor, Hermana Johnson

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