Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 1, 2014

Dear familia!
Well, I'm ready to start another great transfer here in Aurora! One
thing I have alway lacked in life is endurance, and I think this area
is really helping me learn not just how to endure, but to endure
faithfully, joyfully, to the end.. At least the end of another
transfer :) And yet, God continues to bless us ever single day with
miracles. I love being a missionary.
Miracle of the week; Saturday we were studying during 12 week about
revelation through prayer. As we conversed we decided that we needed
to pray in more specifics. That same day we had a lot finding
scheduled. Before getting out of the car we prayed to find a family
that has 2 kids over baptism age and that all have the ability to be
baptized. We got out and decided to knock 2 doors. The first door: we
meet Maria. Mother of 4 kids, 2 over baptism age. We talked, she asked
us to come back the next day... Hermana Richardson and I were in awe.
So we left. On our way to the car, we met an hermano, who was leaving.
He told us to go in to meet his wife. We met the wife, 3 sons (2 over
baptism age) and the dad come home right in time to hear the first
vision. They are a miracle family and all have a lot of interest in
learning more. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers. Most of
the time, He is just waiting for us to ask the question.
Hermana Richardson is doing great, I'm excited to finish her training.
We are trying to always work a little harder and do a little more. I
am learning a lot this transfer about the difference of being busy and
being productive. It's easy to be busy doing the little things, but
it's important to focus on the big things. Also there is a difference
between busy and worthy. Even if we don't do everything perfectly and
we cannot give our all 100% of the time, we can still be exactly
obedient and worthy.
Today we had a super great picnic at the church... We all spent a few
hours cleaning and then celebrated with carne asada. I hope California
is treating you all well! Don't get sunburnt. Love you all so very
much. I couldn't have asked for a greater family and support system. I
would love to hear about anything you need or all he exciting stuff.
Also any advice... I'm trying to keep up the momentum.
Espero que todos tengan un bonito día y una semana tantísimo! Con mucho amor!!
La Hermana Johnson

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