Sunday, August 24, 2014

June 23, 2014

Wow, I cannot say thank you enough for everything!! It was one of the greatest birthdays ever!!! I can’t believe that I am 22 - you think that I would be a little bit wiser by now, but it still have to use the GPS to get down the street and a recipe for french toast... However, I think I have learned a thing or two over the last year.

Hermana Sewell was super awesome! I woke up to balloons and a birthday smoothie, she even made me a scavenger hunt. Then at night Obispo Arana and his wife had us over for hamburgers and angel food cake!! They even bought me a shirt; the elders were there and the best part was Alejandra and her girls came! It was a surprise to me because it was monsoon raining outside all day. I was so happy that they came, they even got me a little gift! (Best investigators ever!)

Ill try to send some pictures in the next few weeks!

Anyway, we had a zone conference on Friday, it has been over a month since we had any meeting so I was really excited to hear from President Fenn... He talked a lot about Joseph and Hyrum Smith and the martyrdom since the 27 will be the 160 year anniversary of their death. He told us a detailed account of one night when the mob kicked in the door and grabbed the Prophet. He left his screaming wife and 2 twins (this is not a completely accurate account but it was something along these same lines). The mob took him and dragged him a ways from him home. One man began to claw him and give him poison but he clenched his jaw so tightly that they couldn’t get it down. Then they poured hot tar and chicken feather all over him. Someone mistakenly yelled, “the Mormon are coming” and the cowards fled. Later, when asked about this event, he simply said, “The next morning, being the Sabbath, I gave a sermon and baptized 3 people.” President Fenn said that this is his motivation to keep pushing forward. On top of everything that he has to deal with, his calling is for 3 years and he intends to stay till the jobs done. He is incredible. And then when I think about complaining about the cold, the rain, the heat, or because we had doors slammed in our face. I just remember my hero’s; president Fenn and joseph smith. Who am I to complain when I have a life pretty close to perfection? And I haven’t been tarred or feathered yet or gone through heart surgery. Life is pretty good.

Anyways, Our investigators are doing great; Pricilla is working on getting work off and her husband to listen, Alejandra is ordering her divorce papers so she can get married to her husband, and Daniel had a family emergency in Texas… The Lord works in mysterious ways but the adversary’s ways are worse. There is always something. But when there is more to overcome there are greater sacrifices to make, which means greater blessings in the future.

I love you all!! Thanks for your cards, gifts, wishes, and most of all prayers!! I hope you are all doing well, and enjoying this beautiful day. Today has been pretty crazy, if I don’t get to writing you all today, I promise ill get it to you next week!! Thanks for all you do! Dios les bendiga!

Con mucho amor, les quiero!

La hermana Johnson

Hermana Sewell told me to send you this scripture... We met a pretty nice man this week who wasnt interested but his saying has become one of our favorites. "Soy Creyente... Nada Mas!".
Mosiah 13:1
Que tengan un bonito dia!!

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