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July 28, 2014

Hola familia!
Una semana lleno de milagros! Dios está bendiciéndonos! Well Hermana
Richardson has been here for a total of 6 days, and she is doing
awesome. She's adjusting back to the states and missionary life... I
think she likes the real Mexican food over the "imitation
mexicanized-American MTC food" I think were her words. But we get a
long very well. She is from Stansburry Park Ut, 19 years old, and love
ballroom dance. So she's awesome! And more than that, she has a great
desire to serve her savior and has a strong testimony of the Church. I
couldn't have asked for a better trainee... God knew I needed a
pre-trained one :)
Every night we come back she falls asleep on the couch before we
finish planning, she says she has never been so tired in her life...
So were trying to work hard. And God is blessing us with a lot of
For example, we were leaving our favorite local toco shop TiaWannas
Mexican food/browns chicken and icecream (weirdest combination EVER -
inside decor includes Hispanic muñecas and clowns) but they make great
$3 burritos. As we got in the car we were about to close the door a
lady came up to me and said "I have been looking for someone to teach
me about the bible. You look like you could help me, and I felt like I
should talk to you." She preceded to tell us that her sister had died
and she wasn't prepared to meet god. This lady,
Tina, wants to learn more about god and the bible. MIRACLES.
Unfortunately she is english, but I love the feeling of being in the
right place at the right time. We also have started teaching a girl
named Gabriella. We met her a few days back and set a return
appointment. We asked "do you have any questions before we start the
lesson with a prayer?" To which she responded "um... Sólo quiero saber
que necesita hacer para bautizarme."- GOLDEN.
We had an awesome lesson and were able to set a baptism goal and get
her started reading in the Book of Mormon.
I know with all my heart that God is preparing so many people to
accept the gospel. We just need to find and invite them. That's your
job... All you members out there.
I had another cool experience, Tuesday we drove past a house that I
remembered knocking my first week in the area (way back in feb.) I
never once talked to the people inside but remember Hermana Trimble
saying they were interested. So I quickly saved the address in the
GPS. Yesterday we were driving to Galena and I felt like maybe we
could just stop by and knock the door. So we did. We met a man, we
will call him Jorge. He just recently returned home from a few years
of jail time. He proceeded to tell us that his time in jail completely
changed his life and he wants to make things right with god. He is
also having problems with his wife and just wants a happy family. We
were able to share a few scriptures with him and set a return
appointment to meet with the whole family. I know that god sent us
there at that exact time for a specific reason. I know that God is
aware of every single one of his children no matter who or where they
are. He is more involved in our lives than we will ever know.
Final experience was with Alejandra yesterday. We went to stop by to
see if she was coming to church. We started talking about how every
time she gets more involved in the church or remembers to read or
tries to pray, obstacles and trials enter into her life. She said,
everytime she tries to read something (a literal force) pulls her away
or keeps her from opening it. And sometimes when she tries to pray,
something binds her tongue. We opened up to Joseph Smith History vs.

As Joseph Smith began to pray he said "I had scarcely done so, when
immediately I was aseized upon by some power which entirely overcame
me, and had such an astonishing influence over me as to bind my tongue
so that I could not speak. Thick bdarkness gathered around me, and it
seemed to me for a time as if I were doomed to sudden destruction."
ETERNAL TRUTH #1: wherever there is truth, satan attacks it.
And the closer you get to a spiritual, revelatory experience, the
stronger the opposition becomes.
ETERNAL TRUTH #2: god is more powerful than the adversary.
"Exerting all my powers to call upon god... just at this moment of
great alarm, I saw a pillar of clight exactly over my head, above the
brightness of the dsun, which descended gradually until it fell upon
me." And you know the rest.
I am eternally grateful for Joseph Smith and his dedication to know
the truth. What would have happened if Joseph smith would have given
in? What would have happened if he just said, "man, this is too hard,
there's too much opposition." I mean, he practically joined the
presbyterian church.... And where would that have left us all. I am
eternally grateful for his example of faith and endurance. I know that
the harder a trial becomes signifies that we are that much closer to
the breaking point. We are that much closer to the miracle...
Bruce R. McConkie said "great men climb mountains." Sometimes we climb
to what we think is the top just to find another peak, but I know that
if we endure, the reward will be that much gratifying. God never
withholds blessings.
I love you all! Thanks for your support and prayers!!!
Love you all!!! Have an amazing day!! Les quiero!! Let me know what
you need and how your doing! Keep praying for my investigators because
they need it! They are climbing big mountains but with God nothing is
Con amor Hermana Johnson

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