Sunday, August 24, 2014

June 30, 2014

Hola familia! 

We had a really great week. Saw lots of miracles!
We are excited to begin our Missionary Month in the Aurora Ward. Its exciting to see how supportive our families and auxiliaries are, we are hoping to see a lot of success the next 3 weeks and getting the ward more excited about inviting friends to learn about the restored gospel. Hermana Sewell and I taught a lesson to the 13-14 year old Sunday school class which was a success. As we shared our advice and experiences we realized that most members really have that desire to share the gospel but are just not exactly sure how. I know the Lord is preparing his army of missionaries at younger and younger ages.
We had a neat experience with Alejandra and her family this week. On Saturday night we participated in her very first Family Home Evening. We had helped her plan it a few days before, but when we showed up on saturday we were surprised to see the house decorated, dinner set out, and the entire family waiting to start the activity (the husband didn't make an appearance, however the daughter that lives in Joliet and her boyfriend showed up for the special occasion.) Alejandra was so excited to share with her family what she has been learning and it was a really amazing experience to see her finally teaching her kids about the gospel. If we can ever get her baptized I know she will never fall away... its the "teach a man to fish and he will eat for life" principle. It was one of those "indescribable joy" moments.
Sorry it's so short, but thanks for the great photos and letters!! Wow those slot canyons!!!! Goes pictures are amazing, nice work!!!! I can't wait to go there!! Also, thanks for the slip mom, it was exactly what I wanted! And the shirt, I love it a lot. Perfect fit.
Thanks for all you do!! I hope you are all doing great and remembering to do your noche de hogar tonight! (Forced family fun as we liked to call it.) Que tengan un bonito noche!!
Con mucho amor! Hermana Johnson!

Also I have a member who was wondering if you knew the address to order pero online, she would love to order some.
Thanks!!! Les quiro mucho!

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