Sunday, August 24, 2014

July, 21, 2014

Wow, can you believe that it's already the end of July?! Time flies,
and after 3 short transfers with Hermana Sewell, she is being
transferred to Beloit Wisconsin... The farthest you can get still
being in mission boundaries. Man I'm going to miss her. She has don’t
great things for this area and the ward has really grown to love her.
That being said, I’m pretty excited... I get to train the only new
Hermana. She is flying in from the Mexico MTC as we speak. She will
get a little spoiled with the Aurora apartment, car, members, etc. Im
convinced this is the best ward in the mission. I am very nervous, but
we are going to be exactly obedient to qualify for the continual help
of the Holy Ghost. I’m going to need it A LOT!
Our investigators are doing alright. It was a bit of a rough week...
Nothing compared to a typhoons but the adversary just works in so many
ways. Neither Alejandra or Pricilla have been to church the last 2
weeks. Daniel had to work and Guadalupe has not answered any of our
calls. Some times free agency makes me mad... I just want to drag them
to church because there are so many blessings... however, we seen or
taught all of the between church yesterday and this morning and they
are all still committed to baptism... When is just the big question.
We are trying to help them understand what it means to be a disciple
of Christ. That no matter what comes up, we must always be obedient to
what we know is right… like church attendance.
This week We really want to focus on inviting everyone and teaching
families. Our investigators are amazing but none have family support
and that is an external factor that is working against us. And since
salvation is a family affair, if we work a little harder to involve
families, maybe that will help us to reach our goals and help our
investigators support each other.
Thanks for all the letters, the text was actually from a member... But
she is a convert and has been looking for a way to buy Pero. So
thanks. Also the scripture cases, you can buy the same ones in the MTC
in Provo. So maybe that could help. Thanks for looking so hard.
I hope everyone is doing alright! We have been teaching, cleaning and
packing all day and have to go to dinner, but I promise to send some
pictures and a better letter next week! Thanks for your prayers and
support! I love you all SO much!!!
Thanks for everything! Have a fantastic week! Let me know if there is
any advice for training. Im pretty nervous but I know God will help
Con mucho amor!
La Hermana Johnson!

Ps: could you send me a copy of my patriarchal blessing? I lost mine
and I would love to have it again. Thanks a mission. Give everyone a
great big hug for me!

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