Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 5, 2014

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
Well It’s a beautiful day here!! The sun is shining, the apartment is clean and the work of the Lord is moving forward.  
I am being spoiled out here in Aurora with Hermana Sewell, she is great and pretty
focused. We are trying to work hard and seeing a lot of tender mercies. For
example, last night we had a lesson with the mom of our recent convert. Before,
she wanted nothing to do with us and wouldn’t even open the door, but now we
are becoming quite good friends. And even though she has no interest in "becoming
Mormon" we were able to clear up a lot of her misunderstandings and
misconceptions. She has agreed to start reading the Book of Mormon. And you
know as well as I do that that book has power to change hearts! So we will keep
her in our prayers and hope (and work) for the best.
We are still having problems with Arturo’s dad. The boys were supposed to be
baptized last Saturday, the dad gave permission however, when it came time
to sign the paper, his mind changed. We fasted for their family this weekend
and have a lesson with them and Bishop this Thursday. With any luck we can set
another date. It is difficult to know how to react in this situation because we
don’t want to cause any more contention in the family, after all, salvation is
a family affair. But maybe as the boys continue in the gospel they can set that
example for their father and his heart will change a little as well. 

We are working with a lady named Alejandra. She is amazing! We met her son one
day outside her house, he told us that they have had a lot of
different missionaries over and the mom likes to go to different churches and
stuff. So we stopped by one day and got to teach her the first
lesson. She is what you would call and earnest seeker of truth who has
just been confused by the craftiness of men...I hate how many churches there
are because people think that they are all the same. That it doesn’t
matter what religion you are as long as you’re a good person. And
although that is true to an extent, there is a lot more to it than that.
And we don’t have to live in confusion, because God has one true church!
And anyone can know if they would just put in the time and sacrifice
a little of what God has given us, to ask him. I have never been as certain
as I am now, that God has one true church! That God has restored His
gospel to the earth and that pray and personal revelation through reading
the Book of Mormon is the only way to find out. I find it very
interesting that people can find hours to search the internet and read thousands
of things written about Mormons but can’t find the time to
actually read from the Book of Mormon. Anyway.... sorry about that rant. Alejandra
knows that it is true. We had her at a family home evening the other night and
is coming to another family tonight. Whenever we teach her, the spirit is so
strong, and God just helps us to know exactly what to say to answer her
questions and resolve her doubts. The promise is true: "Therefore, verily
I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I
shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it
shall be given you in the very moment, what ye shall say." (D&C 100:5-6)
I found a really great quote from Elder Maxwell, "Our
merciful and long-suffering Lord is ever ready to help. His 'arm is lengthened
out all the day long' (2 Ne 28:32), and even if His arm goes ungrasped, it was
unarguably there! In the same redemptive reaching out, our desiring to improve
our human relationships usually require some long-suffering. Sometimes reaching
out is like trying to pat a porcupine. Even so, the accumulated quill marks are
evidence that our hands of fellowship have been stretched out, too!" As we
strive to bring people closer to Christ and help them receive the blessings of
the restored gospel, many times we feel as those we are trying to pat a
porcupine. But I know that Christ would always do the same, no matter how many
times they rejected Him. He is always waiting for them to soften their hearts
and return home. I have a testimony of the redeeming power of the atonement and
the infinite love of my Heavenly Father. And thank goodness that we have the
gospel to be our anchor and guide so we don’t all end up as porcupines...
Happy almost mother’s day! It works best to skype next Sunday
around 4:00pm my time... (So that’s like 2:00 your time?) Would that work for
you? Because we will be at the church and it’s the only place we have wi-fi.
Hopefully that sounds good. Hopefully you can send me a confirmation or algo
before 6:00
Thanks for all that you do, I love you lots! Have a great day!!
Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Johnson

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