Sunday, May 18, 2014

April 14, 2014

Yep that's right, nieve en abril!! Not sure who said that was alright
but we are watching the snow flurry as we write in the Batavia
library. Well it has been an amazing week with some very memorable
experiences. Like on Friday, we had mission council where we
commemorated the first vision of Joseph Smith and the restoration of
the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a really amazing experience. Every
missionary was there, so it was fun to see all my old companions and
districts. Not sure how we got so lucky, the weather has been crazy
lately, but it was perfect!! So bright and sunny and everyone
(including president Fenn) got a little sunburnt. W all brought our
lawn chairs in the middle of the park, surrounded by trees helped us
to better envision a little what Joseph Smith felt. President Fenn
spoke for about 1:30, giving an account of the first vision. He is
such a powerful speaker!! And between his word and about 200
missionaries that had just finished reading the Book of Mormon, the
spirit was very strong. I'm sure we were a sight, but it was
incredible to be a part of it. After president Fenn spoke he left
about 1 hour to share our testimonies about the prophet Joseph Smith.
I can honestly say that my testimony of the Book of Mormon is stronger
than ever and I would do anything to defend the prophet Joseph smith.
His life is a testimony to me of the divinity and reality of the
restoration of the true gospel of Jesus Christ and I love that I get
to teach and testify of this every day. There is nothing I would
rather be doing (not even to be on a cruise), because everyday we meet
so many amazing people that have experiences so much. And as hard as
it is when we get rejected, those few people that are humble seekers
of truth, make everything worth it. I love being a missionary.
Well Hermana Sewell is just about the funnies person I know. She is
always so happy and laughs a lot. Everyone tells her that she looks
like Lilo from the movie lilo and stitch. I think it's just because
that is their only association with Hawaii, but it's funny. We make
smoothies for breakfast every morning and have a couple meals with
members throughout the week. The food is as good as every, you would
think that I would be tired of it by now... But nope!! I love it all!
Thanks so much for the package!!!! I am so blessed to have you all
watching out for me!! I love you all so much!! I hope your not all too
sunburnt and don't have too hard of a time getting back into real
life. Tell Alex congratulations!! That is so cool!, I'm so proud of
him and all his hard work, he is a great influence on a lot of people.
I'm so lucky to call you all family!!! Thanks for all you do!! Love
you all! Have a great week!!

Love Hermana Johnson

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