Sunday, May 18, 2014

March 10, 2014

Well it has been a pretty eventful week!!
We have met some pretty amazing people, had some pretty great lessons,
and to top it all off, a baptism!
Alfredo was baptized and confirmed a member of the church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints on Saturday/Sunday. Everything went
relatively well; Hermana Trimble is very organized so I think that
helped a bit. Alfredo is a completely different person. As he left he
looked as though a burden had been lifted. His countenance was
different, and he was so happy. It's a little difficult because his
family wouldn't come to his baptism and he is experiencing a
opposition and contention with them but we the members are giving a
lot of support and the elders singles ward are going to begin working
with him.
The area is great, we are seeing a lot of miracles and trying to think
of novel ways to work with the members (We are determined).
Hermana Trimble is great, she doesn't give herself enough credit but
she works so hard and is always thinking of other people. She is a
great example to me and I am learning so much from her.
Some quick miracles: we met Norma at the laundry mat, she invited us
to meet her family the next week. So we stopped by, we were running
late from another appointment, so were going to give a quick lesson.
We walked in the whole family was waiting for us, and excited to
learn. The lesson was very spiritual, Norma kept saying, I know that I
met you for a reason. They want to be an eternal family and committed
to coming to church next week. I love all the amazing people you meet
as a missionary. As we left, we were in a pretty big hurry because we
were late to our next appointment. I noticed a man sitting in his car.
I pushed the thought out to talk to him because we were late and it
would be awkward. Finally I turned around,  ran back and knocked of
his window. He opened the door, I introduced myself. Turns out they
moved him just a few months ago from Mexico and his wife is a member
:) I am learning with every experience how to better trust in the
spirit. I love the feeling of being in the right place at just the
right time.
Earlier on Saturday we went back to a PNIs house. A women answered and
turned us away. However the man,Rudy from the kitchen, told her to let
us in. We came in and taught about the restoration. Half way through
the lesson the wife leans over and says, (to Hermana Trimble) "you
have alight in your eyes. I have never seen that before, it's like I
can see right through them. You just have something so special, a
light in your eyes, I don't know what it is but ice never seen it
before." She couldn't stop bringing it up throughout the lesson, as we
left she said "son tan preciosas" and didn't want us to leave. They
are the cutest couple and we are excited to go back and teach them.
Know I know what the "light of the gospel" means :)
Elder Kevin W. Pearson said "desire, hope, and belief are forms of
faith, but faith, as a principle of power, comes from a consistent
pattern of obedient behaviors and attitudes." Thanks to you, it is
something I know to be true.
Sorry I don't have a lot more to write but I love you all so glad that
I have all your support.
I hope you have a great day!! Thanks for everything you do.
Hermana Johnson

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