Sunday, May 18, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hola familia!! Como han estado?
The weather is crazy but the work is great. We had a bit of a rough
week, there are few things worse than the moment you walk up to an
investigators door and see a newly-writen sign that says "somos
Catholicos, no podemos tenerles nada mas." We continue to feel blessed
but it is really hard to see so many people fall into temptation and
don't want to accept the message, even when they have felt that it's
true. We got dropped by many people that we have come to love, but I'm
realizing that Gods time should be spent elsewhere... because they
don't keep commitments. Knowing exactly what we should do in
situations like that is the quest of a lifetime and struggle quite
often with it. The worth of a soul is great, which makes it even
harder to let them go.
But on a more positive note, we are receiving many miracles. We set a
baptism date for the two villagomez boys and our progressing
investigator is coming to an FHE with her children tonight, so Hermana
Sewell and I are looking forward to another great transfer together in
I'm finishing elder Ballards book "Our search for happiness". There
are some really great quotes that ring so true in my life.
In the gospel we find that "there is no pressure on me to compete with
anyone for worldly acclaim and accomplishment." "...considered from
the unique perspective of eternity, fame and popularity are not nearly
as important as loving and being loved; status doesn't mean as much
when compared to service; and acquiring spiritual knowledge is
infinitely more meaningful than acquiring an access of wealth." "It is
that perspective and the attendant spiritual and emotional tranquility
that are among the positive fruits of knowing - really knowing and
living the gospel of Jesus Christ."
I'm so thankful for the gospel, it guides every decision and
underscores every relationship in this life. I love this gospel and I
just feel so very privileged to be born into it and to have a
testimony of it. I love you all!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!
Love you lots and keep up the good work!
Love Hermana Johnson

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